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A must re-post

21 Apr

I try to be nice to tourists,¬†give them directions, and recognize they are helping our local economy. But I will never understand how people lose all commonsense once they are on vacation! Is it that most people visiting DC are not used to being in the city, or does it happen to all of us that once on vacation we forget that others around us aren’t?

My big pet peeves are behavior on the escalator and walking down the street, but Capital Spice has a fabulous round up that you have to check out! I agree with all of it, except the suggestion to bike! DC bikers are dangerous enough — I can’t imagine how difficult tourist bikers are going to be! But that’s my bias…

Check it out!

Hehe, this is what DC feels like in the Spring!

Entertain yourself with snow videos!

10 Feb

Wow! Today’s snow is so much worse than what we got over the weekend?! Don’t you think?

It’s icy and the wind really does cause a “white-out.”¬† I kind of thought that phrase was a little over-hyped until MJD and I took Artie for a walk this morning. There was a moment when I could barely see them in front of me.

It also seems like no one is out today – during the last storm there were so many people out having fun – the streets around me are totally desolate right now (or they were an hour ago). Have you ventured out?

We will have to go out again at some point for the puppy, and to get food for dinner! But I am content to stay inside for now.

In the meantime I can’t stop watching these great videos from the storms. You can find a great time lapse of the last storm on We Love DC.

And I love this video of people having fun in the snow on DCist. It really did cheer me up. Plus the soundtrack is MJD’s favorite Vampire Weekend song, so I had to repost! I hope DC gets out there again today and has some fun. I hear there is another snowball fight planned (I kind of want the t-shirt!). Are you guys in NYC having fun?