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Stress Relief

22 Dec

Tonight was our final baby birth class – we came home exhausted and overwhelmed by information. There so many tips and facts and possibilities to remember, and we just needed a break. So we watched the Office and took pictures of our decorations (or at least I did the latter!).

A stress reliever:

Santa Time

Other Stress Relievers:

Getting holiday cards in the mail

Listening to Christmas music at work

Hot Chocolate

Hopefully the pregnancy body pillow that MJD just ordered me from amazon

The smell of our wreath when we get home







A little snow induced stress

20 Dec

NO, I am not going to be a scrooge and say that I hate snow and slush, and the city is doing a bad job. I have to remain positive to counter MJD’s dislike of all things snow! Check out these snow people for an extra dose of laughter and positivity if you need it.

But I will say I have a bit of house bound stress – as in I have a lot of Christmas shopping to do, and no way to do it. Yikes! What are you guys doing? I hate the thought of having to pay for overnight shipping!

I wish I had more Christmas-related activities to do, but I already sent Christmas cards, and put out my few decorations.

BTW, if you send Christmas cards, please send me one! I love getting them and promise to send one back!

Ok, back to staring out the window and wondering if I am brave enough to drive or walk to the mall (or Georgetown).

Spring Arrived

20 Mar

Today is the first day of spring (I think). I just don’t believe it. It’s cold, and there are no flowers yet. Where are the flowering trees? This “city” is supposed to be warm and pretty. Why is it cold and wintery-looking (may have made up that word)? Where is the warm air???!!!!!!

I start a new job on Monday – stress may be getting the best of me. The end.

Where is Spring?!

Where is Spring?!

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