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Snow, Malls, and Beef

29 Jan

Due to cold weather and snow (from our mini-storm), MJD took me to Tysons Galleria today to walk around. It’s just too gross to be outside for very long, but we have got to start using the tricks to get this baby excited about coming out! I understand walking is supposed to help, so we walked for an hour at the mall – how suburban!

After a our  mall tour (where we could not find me new pumas), we found yet another delicious Vietnamese restaurant called Present (here’s a more recent review as well). I had a pork and tofu soup, while MJD had the Cow on the Open Field beef dish. They were both good, but Cow on the Open Field was great!

Now we’re home, watching TV with Artie, and I am trying to stay awake. 39 weeks and four days…I’m trying not to get to frustrated!

DC's mini storm

Drive to work on Friday


Entertain yourself with snow videos!

10 Feb

Wow! Today’s snow is so much worse than what we got over the weekend?! Don’t you think?

It’s icy and the wind really does cause a “white-out.”  I kind of thought that phrase was a little over-hyped until MJD and I took Artie for a walk this morning. There was a moment when I could barely see them in front of me.

It also seems like no one is out today – during the last storm there were so many people out having fun – the streets around me are totally desolate right now (or they were an hour ago). Have you ventured out?

We will have to go out again at some point for the puppy, and to get food for dinner! But I am content to stay inside for now.

In the meantime I can’t stop watching these great videos from the storms. You can find a great time lapse of the last storm on We Love DC.

And I love this video of people having fun in the snow on DCist. It really did cheer me up. Plus the soundtrack is MJD’s favorite Vampire Weekend song, so I had to repost! I hope DC gets out there again today and has some fun. I hear there is another snowball fight planned (I kind of want the t-shirt!). Are you guys in NYC having fun?

Puppy playing in the snow

7 Feb

The hops throughout this video make me laugh every time! Hopefully this acts as a “pick-me-up” for you too at work on Monday!

So far today…

6 Feb

I slept in.

Took a walk in the snow.

Ate a cappuccino muffin.

Cappuccino muffin

Made grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch.

I was too hungry to take my own picture!

And am currently watching the Dupont snow ball fight on ABC! I can’t believe how fun DC is being today!

No Joke: It’s a blizzard after all

6 Feb

There are trees down, trucks stuck, stores closed, and it’s still snowing!

Thankfully Steam Cafe on 17th is open and selling cappuccino muffins. Not bad for DC actually!

Do you think restaurants will be open tonight? I have a craving for Thai food all of a sudden.

Hope you are staying warm and dry. Here are few pictures from our walk this morning…more on Flickr!

Look at all that snow!

DC is out in the Blizzard!

In some places, the snow almost covered Artie!

Java House is open, despite the tree down out front

A Blizzard Temptation (Scrooge Warning)

22 Dec

My husband and Artie decided this morning that things have gone too far. More than two days after the snow stopped falling, the side streets are still a mess and sidewalks still haven’t been shovelled. I have nothing to say about the side streets (can you really call S and T streets in Dupont “side streets” anyway) other than, DC sometimes rots.

As for sidewalks, that’s harder to take. I mean you buy a house and have what, four or five feet to shovel out front? It seems like an annoying but manageable task. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners seem to disagree, as I almost fell on my face numerous times on my walk home from Safeway last night.

So, back to MJD and Artie. They declared this morning, that if you haven’t cleaned your sidewalk, dog owners should not have to pick up dog poop outside your house.

Fair deal, right?! Check out the streets in your neighborhood. I don’t think that’s a scrooge move. It’s a holiday gift in return!

A little snow induced stress

20 Dec

NO, I am not going to be a scrooge and say that I hate snow and slush, and the city is doing a bad job. I have to remain positive to counter MJD’s dislike of all things snow! Check out these snow people for an extra dose of laughter and positivity if you need it.

But I will say I have a bit of house bound stress – as in I have a lot of Christmas shopping to do, and no way to do it. Yikes! What are you guys doing? I hate the thought of having to pay for overnight shipping!

I wish I had more Christmas-related activities to do, but I already sent Christmas cards, and put out my few decorations.

BTW, if you send Christmas cards, please send me one! I love getting them and promise to send one back!

Ok, back to staring out the window and wondering if I am brave enough to drive or walk to the mall (or Georgetown).

In case you missed it

20 Dec

Here are a few shots for the family and friends in NY! See, I wasn’t exaggerating!

Here are some better ones!

Snow Day in DC!

20 Dec

It’s not a news flash that it’s been snowing in DC. I get that! But I could not pass out in my holiday party, excessive cookie eating stupor without posting a few pictures of Artie for all who love him. As always, he loves the snow and just wants to hop in it and dig through it (with his head!).

He didn’t love our walk to Safeway, since as usual the lines were ridiculous and he and MJD froze while I waited (and gave up), but other than a few fur and paw icicles, he is loving it!

Artie waiting to go out

Finally out!

Digging with his face

Time to go crazy!

Success! Got the snow!

New Header

11 Dec

What could make you remember why you are ok with cold weather, more than a picture of Artie playing in the snow? Without cold weather, there would be no snow days, which would mean no puppies running and jumping like crazy in the snow!

Happy Friday!