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Stress Relief

22 Dec

Tonight was our final baby birth class – we came home exhausted and overwhelmed by information. There so many tips and facts and possibilities to remember, and we just needed a break. So we watched the Office and took pictures of our decorations (or at least I did the latter!).

A stress reliever:

Santa Time

Other Stress Relievers:

Getting holiday cards in the mail

Listening to Christmas music at work

Hot Chocolate

Hopefully the pregnancy body pillow that MJD just ordered me from amazon

The smell of our wreath when we get home







Merry Christmas

24 Dec

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

I better get a lot of treats for this

It’s Santa Time!

5 Dec

Now that we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving, it’s time to celebrate Christmas! I love December – I love the trees, the decorations, the music, and the holiday fairs. Oh and my birthday! The extra tourists are annoying, but I’m being jolly right now, so let’s ignore them! Artie particularly loves playing Santa around Christmas. Here he is last year – his first of many encounters with¬†the Santa hat. I think his¬†expression at around 40 seconds is the cutest!