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On second thought

20 Apr

Have you ever reread a book and realized you totally missed it the first time around?

On the way to and from NYC this weekend I read most of Pride and Prejudice again (hope to finish it tonight), and am finding it an absolute different experience this time around. I must have read it the first time in high school, along with most of the classics I have read, and just remember thinking it was so boring. I probably bought the cliffnotes to be honest.

But reading it this time, I am loving the story and the writing. It took me a little while to get used to the style – I am used to flying through books, and don’t have much patience to actually stop and read each sentence. But once I got used to it, and realized I was missing things by not slowing down, I really started to enjoy it. It’s made me realize that there are so many books I claim to dislike, but I may have simply been too young to appreciate them. It makes me wonder why we read these books so early – I guess it’s the only time you can be forced to read!

Anyway, I want to thank my sister and cousin for convincing me to read it. I am going to try to pick up the classics more often (with a few Twilights and Harry Potters in the middle)!!

Reading is fun

21 Oct

I love this post on the lil bee today. It’s a guest post from Ciao, Chessa about the books she loved as a child. As an avid reader, I loved going through her list and remembering the joy of reading all these books. Especially, the Secret Garden

I don’t know how many times I read the Secret Garden, and watched the movie. I think we even went to a play. I think books are the nicest gift to give a new mom – don’t new books just speak to all the cuddly, happy times yet to come!

I also have such nice family memories of reading – Dad reading to us at night, and sitting with my sister in the living room pretending to read school books, but really devouring the Baby-sitter’s Club! I think my mom bought be every book about Helen Keller one summer!

I still love to read, and am always looking to join/start a book club. It’s too easy to go for weeks without reading – getting caught up in television and work. A book club (even one that never talks about the book – aka mine) at least gets me reading consistently.

Now I can’t wait to start my next book!

Perfect distraction

31 Aug

What’s your perfect distraction? When something happens in your personal life or at work, do you have something that helps to keep your mind off of it?

For me it’s usually reading. TV can work (especially if there’s wine involved) but my mind still tends to wander. If I’m reading a good book, one that is totally engrossing, I can forget for an hour or two what’s going on. I know Lusty Reader must know what I’m talking about. And my sister and cousin are avid readers as well!

Right now, I’m reading Harry Potter. Yesterday I finished the third, and today I started the fourth. I know it’s not a classic, this isn’t Fitzgerald or Hemingway, but you know what…it’s good! It’s a compelling story, the characters are developed, and the stories are suspenseful. I was totally shocked at the ending of the third book – I did not see that coming!

I”m completely enjoying the series. What about you?!

New Purchase vs. Rudeness

4 Aug

I’m on a roll…


Buying a new book – many books in fact. I just love going to book stores and browsing all the covers, and getting sucked into a story you hadn’t even known you were interested in reading. And a new book has a special quality to it, something that I find missing in an old book. I truly believe that reading a book thet is newly printed vs. an old book can give you a different impression of what you’ve read. Not better or worse, just different!

Yesterday I bought Heat.



First off, I don’t know if peeve as a category means anything. But I assume you know what I mean!

A colleague clipping their nails at their desk. Right near your desk. In a public office space. Actually it’s happening as I type this. Gross.