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Stress Relief

22 Dec

Tonight was our final baby birth class – we came home exhausted and overwhelmed by information. There so many tips and facts and possibilities to remember, and we just needed a break. So we watched the Office and took pictures of our decorations (or at least I did the latter!).

A stress reliever:

Santa Time

Other Stress Relievers:

Getting holiday cards in the mail

Listening to Christmas music at work

Hot Chocolate

Hopefully the pregnancy body pillow that MJD just ordered me from amazon

The smell of our wreath when we get home







Our Trip to Great Falls

7 Apr

During our trip to Great Falls last weekend, we took a ton of Artie pictures! It’s so hard not to go picture crazy when he’s having so much fun! Great Falls was great, I definately want to go back and see it when all the trees have leaves. I can’t believe that was our first time there.  I think I’ll put the pictures in two posts!

On the way - So excited!


Catching the breeze


How can we not be there yet?


So dirty....

Sticks are the best toys

More to come!

Puppy playing in the snow

7 Feb

The hops throughout this video make me laugh every time! Hopefully this acts as a “pick-me-up” for you too at work on Monday!

Happy New Year’s Eve Peeps

31 Dec

Hope you make some fabulous resolutions that you have an even more fabulous time breaking in the new year!

I’m off to a fancy dinner and too much champagne. Cheers!

Happy Artie New Year

Merry Christmas

24 Dec

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

I better get a lot of treats for this

Snow Day in DC!

20 Dec

It’s not a news flash that it’s been snowing in DC. I get that! But I could not pass out in my holiday party, excessive cookie eating stupor without posting a few pictures of Artie for all who love him. As always, he loves the snow and just wants to hop in it and dig through it (with his head!).

He didn’t love our walk to Safeway, since as usual the lines were ridiculous and he and MJD froze while I waited (and gave up), but other than a few fur and paw icicles, he is loving it!

Artie waiting to go out

Finally out!

Digging with his face

Time to go crazy!

Success! Got the snow!

Happy Wednesday

16 Dec

Hello adorableness on a Wednesday morning. I just squealed in my office!

Thank you to The Rockstar Diaries for posting and making today just a little sweeter!

About to pounce

14 Apr

pounceIf Artie was on gossip girls, this would be his, “Oh no you didn’t” face.

Artie’s Thoughts

24 Dec

Mom is mean. She did not cut my hair before Christmas. I will barely be able to see my presents under the tree!

So rude!

So rude!

Ohhh I need some of that popcorn!



14 Nov

Look at Artie and his grandpa when he was only a few months old. He’s so small and you can see his sharp, little puppy teeth. I’m talking about the puppy, not my dad! It’s so fun looking back at all these puppy pictures!