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Opinions on Pasta

20 Apr

Everyone loves to talk about pasta! I had so much fun reading all the comments and emails I got about Pasta Mia. Even DC Blogs linked over…thanks for that!! I got a little worried at one point, that people were going to get mad, but even those who disagreed posted comments or sent notes that were great to read. And I’m ok if you think I’m wrong or crazy — I know restaurants and pasta are very personal things!

I think I’m going to make some pasta with sausage and broccoli this weekend, or maybe broccoli rabe. Any suggestions?

Pasta let down

19 Apr

Guys, I tried Pasta Mia on Friday and I am not sure what all the raving is about. I will admit that I was exhausted and starving and moody, but I was not that impressed.

For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a little tiny pasta shop on 18th and Columbia. There’s a always a line, and everything I hear is that it’s worth the wait, authentic, homemade, and cheap. I gotta say that I don’t think anything is worth that long a wait (again I was starving!), and it wasn’t that cheap! Granted you get enough pasta to feed a family of four, but really, I’d prefer a cheap bowl of good pasta I can eat in one sitting.

We went to pasta mia on Friday night at about 8pm (probably not a great time), and waited for about a half hour for a table. I was still ok at that point, except once we sat down, I think it might have been an hour before we got our pasta — with the salad coming like 45 mins in. I cannot express to you how hungry and frustrated I was waiting – MJD really is a good man for sitting with me!

I ordered the gnocchi sorentina, and it was fine. I mean it was enourmous, but also too salty and the gnocchi was a little hard. But it was also $15 bucks, which does not seem that cheap to me, and I’m sorry but I don’t like microwave heated pasta the next night. So really it was $15 for one gigantic bowl of ok pasta.

So, now I ask you…did I miss something? I wanted to love the place, and will readily admit that my bad mood could have made that impossible. I would try it again – albeit at 6pm on a tuesday (or any tme that it would be empty!). Thoughts?!