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Poster Craze

21 Apr

I am going through a poster craze. Every blog post I see about new posters makes me want to shop, decorate, shop, decorate! I am especially drawn to images of the cities MJD and I come from and live in, and we already have NYC and Cincy posters galore that have yet to be hung up. Among many other pictures and posters crammed into our closets and office!!

But yet again, I have fallen for a city poster that I saw on A Cup of Joe. I really wish I could figure out how to buy it, before I forget. Here’s the artist’s etsy page, but it doesn’t look like these prints are there. I need a better way of filing these things.

I just think this one is a perfect baby gift for another newly pregnant friend!

So sweet!

Gotta Love NYC

29 Mar

Along with everyone else in the northeast I was disappointed when the cold and rain returned this weekend, but it did not at all ruin our NYC weekend. In fact, the weather led to a fabulous purchase, and a fabulous view!

First of all, did you know that there is a nice sit down restaurant on the Met’s ground floor overlooking Central Park? How did I not realize that? A wall of windows overlooking the park, in the Met – what a way to spend a few hours on beautiful Saturday afternoon in NYC!

MJD and I met his parents there on Saturday and after we soaked in the atmosphere, I got to show them my highschool, and walk through central park to the west side. It was such a nice afternoon – and the kind of wandering day you can only have in New York!

Of course, Sunday was freezing and raining, but guess what? It was also a great day. Marc’s mom and I bought homemade hats from a vendor in Soho to keep us warm, and then we met my parents for brunch at Hundres Acres. Everyone loved the food, and the restaurant has such a great vibe. MJD laughed when I called it farmhouse chic, but that’s exactly what it feels like to me!

After lunch, we had planned to walk around until our train, but it was so rainy, we decided to go for a drink and ended up at the hotel bar in the Mandarin Oriental. The view is spectacular and I was so glad the rain brought us there. It was a perfect place to sit and relax and talk before leaving the city. I wish I had brought my camera, but you’ll have to trust me and go there for drinks when you are visiting New York!

As always, I felt torn when boarding the train back to DC. There are so many parts of New York that I miss, that just can’t be found in any other city. But then there are other parts that I’m glad cannot be found in DC!

I just wish I could bottle up my family and the great aspects of New York, and bring them to DC! That would be perfect.

Bus Behavior

17 Dec

I know you’ve all heard me complain about the DC bus – the long wait, buses skipping stops, and mostly buses clustered together so you have to wait forever if you miss the three that stop at the same time!

But I realized today, there is something I like once I am on the bus. 


It’s the one example I can think of that people in DC start yelling.

Generally, I find DC residents to be pretty easy going. They don’t push people into the middle of the bus or metro in order to get on, no one yells at people standing on the wrong side of the escalator, there’s not much jostling and weaving on a crowded street, and I rarely see anyone steal a cab from someone else.

But when I was sitting on the bus today, and all of a sudden I heard that jarring scream, “BACK DOOR,” it felt like home!

Jackson Heights and DC Come together

17 Dec

J. Heights is making a name in DC! My two homes…connecting!

I just spotted on We Love DC that the 2010 Festival Artwork for the National Cherry Blossom Festival has been selected. The picture was created by Junko Yamada of Jackson Heights, NY.

Go Jackson Heights!

Go Jackson Heights!

NYC for the weekend

27 Feb

Sorry for the disappearing act, but I just decided to come up to New York for the weekend. I’ll have a lot to report on Monday, as we are already eating our way through the city! We even had an Anthony Bourdain experiece in Flushing – food experience, not sighting. Don’t get too excited.  

Have a great weekend.


Decorating is not always easy…

9 Jan

I am having a hard time saying goodbye to my old kitchen table. And I’m a little surprised by it! I’ve never had much love for the thing – in fact I’ve wanted a bigger table, and one made from darker wood, for awhile. But now that we have our new table (which is fabulous), I’m feeling a little sad about selling the old one.

I bought that table with my former roommate (and one of my best friends) at Ikea when we were living in New York City in 2002. When she moved to Europe I moved it into my own little apartment, and then I brought it with me to DC. It’s been through a lot of book clubs, wine spills, bad meals, good meals, job applications, wedding invitation designing, and is still in pretty perfect shape.

But it’s time to say goodbye to that table, and create memories with the new one! I mean there is nothing sad about being able to fit four people, and serving dishes, around a table!

I’m just feeling a little sentimental this morning!

Goodbye table

Old table on the left, new table on the right.

NYC on my mind

7 Jan

On Christmas Eve I was chatting with my cousins about this blog and they asked me if I could write about New York occasionally. Since most of my family lives in NY (hence most of my readers!), I don’t think I can ignore my cousins’ feedback;-)

So, here you go!

Last week, I met my friends for lunch at Hundred Acres Restaurant in Soho. Other than the obvious fact that I wish I lived closer to my friends and family, going to this restaurant was one of the few times during the week that I really missed living in New York.

Hundred Acres is located on a quintessential downtown New York street, cute and a little hidden, but only a few blocks from bustling Prince and Broadway. The walk from the subway is busy and filled with great boutiques and restaurants. And it’s the kind of area that you can wander for hours.

SIDENOTE: I miss wandering. Every neighborhood in DC is about 5 streets long, and then you are in empty, desolate, “urban” terrain, until you hit the next neighborhood. It’s just not fun to walk around this city.

Anyway, the restaurant itself is all rustic and cozy.


You walk in and feel like you can settle down for a long, luxurious meal without being too dressy or appropriate! And the food is delicious!

We started with amazing cheese fritters, and then I ordered a roast chicken salad…so good! JL and PM got the cheese burgers, and I couldn’t stop myself from helping them eat their fries (sorry, guys!).

I felt bad when the meal ended and I knew I wouldn’t see them for awhile, but then I met my mom and sister and we spent a great afternoon walking around Soho. And, thankfully, it was so busy and so tempting to spend too much money, that I missed DC!

It’s always sad to leave New York, but there is something so nice about being there for these short, yet wonderful afternoons – keeps the city just perfect in my memory!

Blast of Heat

12 Nov

One of the things I miss about New York in the winter is how on almost every block there is a hotel that heats its entryway. So, when you’re cold and rushing down the street, you get these moments of bliss from the blast of hot air. I wonder if the doormen know this, and wait to see the glee on each persons face as they scurry by! This is a random thought, I know, but it was cold this morning, and the hotel across the street from my office actually does heat their entrance.  I’m sure it’s a waste of energy and bad for the environment, but I love it.