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New Arrival

22 Dec

The table has arrived!!!

MJD’s parents made it out of 8 inches of Buffalo snow, all the way to DC, dragging a U-Haul trailer with our new table!  Thank you!!!!

New Table

New Table

This is the same table that MJD’s dad ate breakfast on as a little boy! Isn’t that just wonderful!

We were so inspired that we even hung up the new mirror!


Mirror Options

17 Dec

MJD and I stumbled upon a great find at Eastern Market this weekend with my parents. We had so much fun looking at what all the vendors were selling, and bought quite a few Christmas presents there. It’s more fun for everyone to buy and receive gifts that support local artists!

So, this particular gift is from my grandmother, and I will be sure to bring her a picture on Christmas. It’s a beautiful brass (I guess) mirror, that we’re going to hang in our dining room. Right now, we have a mirror we love in that room, that we bought on the Vineyard, but it’s too small for the space. Live and learn! That mirror will have to find a new wall to live on!

Current Mirror:

Mirror Option 1

New Mirror (we still have to hang it!)

Eastern Market Mirror

Don’t you think that will fill the wall better!?

Vineyard Mirror

20 Nov

I am loving this window pane mirror we got on Martha’s Vineyard during a wedding planning trip. We hung it up for the first time, and it is so sweet. It looks like the vineyard and makes me feel more relaxed just looking at it!



PS. I was just looking for a photo that captures the feel of the vineyard, and while I haven’t found anything, I did find photos of a farmer’s market and lobster roll that made me so happy! Check them out here!