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Find Bliss in DC

30 Apr

Seriously, I just went to Bliss – the spa. Love it!

I used to love Bliss in New York and now it’s in DC. I love that they play singer/songwriter kind of music rather than new age background music. I love the clean look, and colors.

Really I just love to go to a spa, but I am especially psyched that now I can go to Bliss!

Have you guys been to the outside street patio at the W Hotel Washington? It looked so cute – I have to try it. Next time I will have to book an afternoon massage, followed by a drink on the patio!

I love the warm weather!

30th Birthday Positivity

15 Dec

Beyond all the wonderful things in my life (husband, puppy, family, friends, job, apartment, health)and the amazings gifts and surprises I enjoyed all weekend (VOLT, b-day cocktails, visitors), here are a few more things that made me happy on my actual birthday (Monday).

1. Warmer weather

2. Dramatic morning fog

3. Fog lifting, and sun shining

4. Dunkin Donut Munchkins

5. Tons of birthday emails and Facebook messages

6. Birthday calls

7. New Club Monaco pants (gift to myself)

8. New beautiful necklace (gift from MJD)

9. Surprise drinks at POV Roof Terrace on top of the new W hotel

10. Seeing the White House Christmas Tree from the rooftop bar

PS. POV is great for a night out. I mean way too snotty for DC, but the view is fun and the staff was really nice last night (once we got passed the velvet ropes!)

PPS. I’m sure these posts haven’t even come close to covering all the fun birthday moments, but thank you all again!