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Pasta let down

19 Apr

Guys, I tried Pasta Mia on Friday and I am not sure what all the raving is about. I will admit that I was exhausted and starving and moody, but I was not that impressed.

For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a little tiny pasta shop on 18th and Columbia. There’s a always a line, and everything I hear is that it’s worth the wait, authentic, homemade, and cheap. I gotta say that I don’t think anything is worth that long a wait (again I was starving!), and it wasn’t that cheap! Granted you get enough pasta to feed a family of four, but really, I’d prefer a cheap bowl of good pasta I can eat in one sitting.

We went to pasta mia on Friday night at about 8pm (probably not a great time), and waited for about a half hour for a table. I was still ok at that point, except once we sat down, I think it might have been an hour before we got our pasta — with the salad coming like 45 mins in. I cannot express to you how hungry and frustrated I was waiting – MJD really is a good man for sitting with me!

I ordered the gnocchi sorentina, and it was fine. I mean it was enourmous, but also too salty and the gnocchi was a little hard. But it was also $15 bucks, which does not seem that cheap to me, and I’m sorry but I don’t like microwave heated pasta the next night. So really it was $15 for one gigantic bowl of ok pasta.

So, now I ask you…did I miss something? I wanted to love the place, and will readily admit that my bad mood could have made that impossible. I would try it again – albeit at 6pm on a tuesday (or any tme that it would be empty!). Thoughts?!