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Nursery Decorating Update

18 Jan

So far I am really excited with how the nursery is turning out. MJD and worked through the office issue, we got a new smaller desk and moved it so that it’s no longer the focal point of the room. We also got a really nice, warm picture of Eastern Market (from Eastern Market) to hang over his desk. Then we made the other two walls about baby. I think it all actually works well together!

Once we go the furniture figured out, MJD hung the Land of Nod curtains (that match the crib set) and I ordered a decal for over the crib, and adorable pictures for over the changing table (currently being framed).

The decal is from Etsy, a shop called SmileyWalls (it looks like she’s on vacation right now), and the woman is so great to work with. She went back and forth with me on colors and I love how it looks! My mom and sister actually came down for a little visit and hung most of it up for me (I get frustrated with craft projects very easily!). We have some more flowers to put up – I am hoping my sister does that when she comes to meet the baby, but I love it!!

The prints I will share once they are framed. So, here are some pictures so far. The lighting is not the best, but I’ll post better pictures when we are done.

Oh and we painted the room yellow a while ago.

I can’t find a picture of the office set up as it has been since we moved in, but here is the room as we unpacked.

When we moved in

curtains after MJD hung them!

Starting the process

Tree is mostly up!

Wall for the new prints

Office area

Do you like it so far?


Love the A, B, C’s

12 May

So sweet!You can buy it here. Love this woman’s work! To me, these paintings are all happiness and joy. I am trying to get back into posting baby gifts on Wednesdays as I just seem to know more and more friends having babies! Of course, when it came to buying a gift for a one year old this weekend, I totally blanked.  Alas, hopefully Oscar the Grouch is still a hit!

From Creative Thursday

Poster Craze

21 Apr

I am going through a poster craze. Every blog post I see about new posters makes me want to shop, decorate, shop, decorate! I am especially drawn to images of the cities MJD and I come from and live in, and we already have NYC and Cincy posters galore that have yet to be hung up. Among many other pictures and posters crammed into our closets and office!!

But yet again, I have fallen for a city poster that I saw on A Cup of Joe. I really wish I could figure out how to buy it, before I forget. Here’s the artist’s etsy page, but it doesn’t look like these prints are there. I need a better way of filing these things.

I just think this one is a perfect baby gift for another newly pregnant friend!

So sweet!

Decorating help

27 Jan

I have to admit that post-lay off I’ve been a little down. Not totally depressed or anything – I mean I really believe things will work out for the best – but still I’ve been struggling a bit to shake off that grim feeling of no longer being in control. So, how nice is it that MJD surprised me with a gift?!!

Love gifts!

Apparently, he bought me these Jacqleen Bleu (check out her blog) Etsy prints after I wrote about them in December, but he was saving them for some TBD time — like now! I really love them, the colors, and textures, but also because they are different from anything else we own. But now I’m at a loss as to how to display them.

Should I keep them all together or hang them in different rooms? I guess I could frame the two larger ones in two simple 8 x 11 frames and hang then together, but what about the three smaller pictures?

If you have any ideas, please let me know!!!!!! Here’s a picture from Etsy of one of the prints he got me – beautiful, right?

Image on Etsy

Image on Etsy

Here’s the whole group of prints.

Etsy prints

Etsy Prints

Etsy Prints


Weddings and Etsy

16 Jan

MJD and I are in the process of ordering our wedding pictures, and while looking at them again last night, I was moved to share the lovely etsy hair pins that I wore that day.

I didn’t want to rock a lot of jewelry on my wedding day – it just felt like a time for simplicity. So, I wore simple crystal drops, no necklace, and an antique watch of my grandmother’s. But that was a little light on the bling for my taste, so Iwore a broach on the back of my dress and these pins in my hair. I was so happy with each piece, and the overall look. 

The hair pins were so delicate, beautiful, and affordable. Check out the etsy shop where I found them.


Here’s a picture of my hair. I don’t have the file for the professional photos, so this is the best I can share for now.


Here’s a picture of the broach also!


Ready to shop again?

9 Jan

I am!

So many of my friend’s have babies, are having babies, or are thinking of having babies, and I just want to buy them all a picture from The Black Apple etsy shop. Each print is such a fantasy, and range from sweet to a little scary! I just love this one, called the Donut Girl.

Donut Girl

And check out all of Emily’s incredible ideas and designs on her blog. Be ready to be inspired!

Good for the Home, and the Wallet

4 Dec

Looking for something beautiful for yourself, and a loved one? Look no more. Jacqleen Bleu’s photographs are so personal and unique, and she’s offering a sale through her etsy shop. H/t to decor8 for sharing!

Jacqleen Bleu

Title: Winter's Milk and Honey


Title: Step Into the Sky


Title: Reach.

My only issue now is which two to buy? I could barely pick a few to post here.

Turkey Day Treats

19 Nov

How amazing do these cookies look on Bakerella?


I just sent the recipe to my sister who may try to make them around Thanksgiving. I think they are a perfect Turkey Day treat! And Bakerella has so many amazing looking sweets on the site – with step by step directions and pictures of what she’s doing. I thought I discovered her blog for the first time yesterday, but apparently I sent it to my sister  (who you can tell is the baker in the family) last year around this time! At least my great taste is consistent;-)

Actually, now that I think about it, MJD’s sister is the baker in their family too. Something else we have in common! Younger sisters who bake – what could be better than that!?

And also check out the adorable picture Bakerella received from Cakespy. This etsy site is adorable and it looks like you can have custom pictures made. So sweet – I love the cupcake nerd!