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Is this considered nesting?

22 Dec

Just gave away more than 10 shopping bags worth of clothes, shoes, books, and purses. I feel so accomplished. Somehow we still don’t have room for my remaining shoes and bags though! At least there are a few empty shelves for baby now.

Next step, clean up a bit and shove a bunch of baby stuff into the still unorganized baby room, and we should have space for all of our family to chill this weekend in the living room. Who knew how huge these bounce chairs and swings would be? This little baby takes up more room than we do and she’s not even here yet!

Look at those bags!


Do good in DC

22 Apr

I was a wreck last night. Crying, blowing my nose, judging myself harshly for not doing more to help the world…that’s right, I was watching Idol Gives Back.

Every year I watch and promise myself I will get involved in some volunteer work, yet somehow another year goes by and I am making the same promise again. Like everyone, there are so many excuses. I work late, travel too often, have a crazy schedule, but if I can’t figure it out now, how will I ever find time as my life continue to get more and more hectic?

I have no solutions today, just re-posting an easy thing from DCist that we can all do to help young women in our communities. I’ll be donating my bridesmaid dresses to Once Upon a Prom this week, I hope. I just don’t know if my dresses need to be dry cleaned first. But if they will take them, I’m on it.

According to dcist:

Once Upon a Prom is still collecting dresses prior to its big prom dress giveaway planned to take place at Eastern Market on May 1 (which will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Donations are being accepted at ZIPS Cleaners locations through this Saturday (in D.C. there’s one at 4418 Connecticut Avenue NW). Just be sure the dresses you donate are in good shape. Students wishing to participate in the giveaway need only show up with a valid high school ID; one dress per person.