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Nursery Decorating Update

18 Jan

So far I am really excited with how the nursery is turning out. MJD and worked through the office issue, we got a new smaller desk and moved it so that it’s no longer the focal point of the room. We also got a really nice, warm picture of Eastern Market (from Eastern Market) to hang over his desk. Then we made the other two walls about baby. I think it all actually works well together!

Once we go the furniture figured out, MJD hung the Land of Nod curtains (that match the crib set) and I ordered a decal for over the crib, and adorable pictures for over the changing table (currently being framed).

The decal is from Etsy, a shop called SmileyWalls (it looks like she’s on vacation right now), and the woman is so great to work with. She went back and forth with me on colors and I love how it looks! My mom and sister actually came down for a little visit and hung most of it up for me (I get frustrated with craft projects very easily!). We have some more flowers to put up – I am hoping my sister does that when she comes to meet the baby, but I love it!!

The prints I will share once they are framed. So, here are some pictures so far. The lighting is not the best, but I’ll post better pictures when we are done.

Oh and we painted the room yellow a while ago.

I can’t find a picture of the office set up as it has been since we moved in, but here is the room as we unpacked.

When we moved in

curtains after MJD hung them!

Starting the process

Tree is mostly up!

Wall for the new prints

Office area

Do you like it so far?


18 days

14 Jan

Eighteen days until we hit the official due date. That doesn’t mean baby comes in 18 days, but after 37 weeks, that seems pretty close. The nursery decorating is in full swing. My mom and sis came to visit and hung a fabulous decal over the crib.

We are going to get prints framed this weekend to hang over the dresser/changing table.

And then we have to buy and wash some sheets and the changing pad cover, but at that point, we will be pretty decorated. I just can’t believe a little person is then going to use the room…a little person we haven’t met yet. What will she think of the decal? Will she like the pictures of her dad hanging curtains and her aunt and grandma decorating with decals?

It’s all very exciting and overwhelming, and I still have trouble imagining it.

SO, instead I will continue to make lists of things to do and post pictures soon of the decor so far. Much easier!



DIY Project

30 Dec

Or at least a “do-it-himself” success for MJD!

While I provided moral support, MJD took to the ladder last night and hung curtains. He’s the best! The room is starting to come together, the bassinet arrived, I’m finally going to start washing all the clothes, sheets, and towels. I have to say that I am very impressed about everything we have accomplished during our time off.

Now that we have the furniture and a lot of the basics, we can start decorating (curtains were a big step!). We have a matching crib skirt and sheets from Land of Nod, and some new art work that is being framed, and hopefully it will all be done some time in January. Hope you like the direction it’s all going!

Hard at work!

Decorating has begun

Dream Decorating

24 Feb

Did you happen to take the quiz in Real Simple Magazine this month that tells you all about your decorating style? I basically tied for all of them but the modern one. And not to start off negative, but why does such a great magazine, have such a bad website? I can’t even find information about the quiz online.

Regardless, the quiz only solidified what I already know. I am conflicted about decorating – I am drawn to a simple, clean look in West Elm lets say, and then I look through pottery barn and love the comfort and coziness, and then I walk into Anthropologie and want only vintage.

I really need to start an inspiration folder and see if any particular trend stands out. I did that with my wedding and found it to be so helpful. Once I looked through the pictures it was clear that everything was simple, but had a bit of a vintage or romantic flair. I think I tend to be more simple so our wedding was a toned down version of what I saw in magazines, but it really helped.

Unlike with the wedding planning though, I struggle with seeing something I love for a home and knowing how to create a simpler, often less girly, version!

I started thinking about all these decorating ideas again this weekend while walking around Alexandria. There are so many fabulous home stores, and we spent an unnecessary amount of time in The Hour looking at hundreds of vintage cocktail sets. I have been wanting vintage wine glasses for at least a year, but I got so overwhelmed in the store between all the different styles and colors, and basically wanted to redo all of my glassware right then and there.

Of course, instead, I bought nothing. But I will be going back to buy something soon.

Mixed in with the glassware, there were also vintage serving platters, posters, and lights…all of which I loved. But how to take pieces of that look and mesh them with my pottery barn apartment?

While I figure that out, take a look at this store – it’s wonderful.

The Hour Shop

By the way, we did finally buy a light fixture for over the dining room table. You may remember the days of debate. The light we chose was installed on Thursday, but now we need the ceiling repaired! I will post pictures soon.

Best Party Idea Ever

23 Feb

UPDATE: How amazing was the Bachelor last night? Followed by the last group of ice dancing pairs. I am exhausted today!

I am so impressed by this party on You Are My Fave! It’s Olympics-themed!!!

How amazing is this?!

 The party had Olympic-themed decorations, food, games, everything! Check it out and be ready to get inspired!

I will have to throw a party like this during the Summer games. Imagine chocolate covered oreos making the Olympics symbol. YUM!!

The jealousy is out of control;) But so is the inspiration!

Wall Decals

12 Feb

Check out these adorable wall decals on Bliss by mae.

A. They are so cute

B. The colors are very spring-tastic and I need some spring right now.

C. They look fun to put up!

Turmoil Continues

18 Nov

I am just really not adventurous. I have looked at so many lights for the dining room, and I can’t find anything. I looked at this awesome post on design sponge, searched Decor 8, and drooled over decorology, but I am at a loss.

I love the adventurous ones like this, but I am too scared for that:

Way too bold

Something classic is great, but our apartment has a pretty relaxed style:

But too fancy?

Or more casual:

will this get dirty?

the original idea:

too dark?

Of course the Restoration Hardware pieces are also $$$$ mad pricey. Anyway, just letting you know the turmoil continues…let me know your thoughts.


21 Sep

MJD and I have what might be a unique problem. We have more art (wedding pictures, family pictures, posters, traditional “art”) than we have wall space. And we pretty regularly buy more, so basically our office/guestroom has become storage for frames and poster tubes.

And now I want this! I know I can’t buy it, so the next best thing is to share it!

West Forty-third Street (Yellow Cabs) by Joseph O. Holmes

West Forty-third Street (Yellow Cabs) by Joseph O. Holmes

I love posters

9 Sep

I just spotted the cutest paper mobiles posted by Thoughtful Day. The mobiles comes with different themes, like owl, butterfly, or fish. So sweet.

I had to check out the designers etsy shop, called Almost Sunday, and love this poster for a babies room!


Someone go buy it so I can see it in person!

Decorating help

27 Jan

I have to admit that post-lay off I’ve been a little down. Not totally depressed or anything – I mean I really believe things will work out for the best – but still I’ve been struggling a bit to shake off that grim feeling of no longer being in control. So, how nice is it that MJD surprised me with a gift?!!

Love gifts!

Apparently, he bought me these Jacqleen Bleu (check out her blog) Etsy prints after I wrote about them in December, but he was saving them for some TBD time — like now! I really love them, the colors, and textures, but also because they are different from anything else we own. But now I’m at a loss as to how to display them.

Should I keep them all together or hang them in different rooms? I guess I could frame the two larger ones in two simple 8 x 11 frames and hang then together, but what about the three smaller pictures?

If you have any ideas, please let me know!!!!!! Here’s a picture from Etsy of one of the prints he got me – beautiful, right?

Image on Etsy

Image on Etsy

Here’s the whole group of prints.

Etsy prints

Etsy Prints

Etsy Prints