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Stress free day … NOT

25 Apr

A few weeks ago I planned today as my stress free day. No work, no errands, just relaxation. To that end I made myself an appointment for a massage, and made dinner plans with friends to get Vietnamese out in VA.

I got to the massage with no problem. I booked it at the Four Seasons, I know it’s expensive, but it’s sooo nice! This experience was nice, but not nearly as luxurious as the last time I visited. The place was packed with groups of women – tourists maybe. They were so loud and took over the lounge and the steam room – it was so annoying.

The massage itself was wonderful, but the masseuse was a heavy breather. It was actually quite distracting! I mean I started to feel bad that maybe she was working too hard…It freaked me out.

The kicker though came when I ran an errand on the way home (had to get some meds for Artie) and the car STALLED. What?!  I had no idea what to do  – I’ve never owned a car. I only learned how to drive at 22. Thankfully, MJD was home and calmed me down, and I was able to get the car started and drive home. But yuck. That kind of made the massage obsolete.

And now we have no way to get to Vietnamese! We’ll probably just have to move the location of dinner, but I am going to think of the Vietnemese food I missed all night…

Oh well, the day could have been  A LOT worse, so I’ll suck it up now and enjoy the beautiful summer evening!