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Pick what annoys you the most on the bus

3 Jan

I had to repost this look at DC bus riders from The 42. I have a long history of aggression directed at DC buses, and laughed out loud reading this one. Here are my favorites but you have to click over for the whole list!

The Traveler – You refuse to take a cab to the airport, despite having to utilize all 5 bags of your 5 bag luggage set. You can barely carry (drag) them all, but you know you can save some cash by taking public transit. Even though it will take an extra hour. You take up, at the very least, two seats.

Aisle Squatter – When the bus starts to fill, and you are standing, you should start moving to the back of the bus. It’s just nice. People can’t walk around you in the aisle, and the front of the bus is really crowded with standees. The back is literally a ghost town. Just remember that. And it looks bad from the outside.

Bus Behavior

17 Dec

I know you’ve all heard me complain about the DC bus – the long wait, buses skipping stops, and mostly buses clustered together so you have to wait forever if you miss the three that stop at the same time!

But I realized today, there is something I like once I am on the bus. 


It’s the one example I can think of that people in DC start yelling.

Generally, I find DC residents to be pretty easy going. They don’t push people into the middle of the bus or metro in order to get on, no one yells at people standing on the wrong side of the escalator, there’s not much jostling and weaving on a crowded street, and I rarely see anyone steal a cab from someone else.

But when I was sitting on the bus today, and all of a sudden I heard that jarring scream, “BACK DOOR,” it felt like home!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

1 May

I fell off the bus…in the rain. Not during the current constant rain pattern, but the last one, that happened oh what…last week?! Ugh. A bunch of people were waiting for the bus, for at least ten minutes, maybe longer, in the pouring rain. So, obviously everyone gets all prepared to get on the bus – metro card out, umbrella ready to be close, etc. When the bus finally arrives, people start dashing in – fastest I’ve seen people move in DC since I moved! But what happens next? Some A-hole jumps in front of me, dashing onto the bus and out of the rain, and just as I follow him, he starts short to find his metro card! WHAT?! It’s raining…hard. And people are waiting. If you’ve never seen me dash, then you aren’t already imagining the catastrophe. Cause basically I dashed into the mans back and slid back down the stairs, scraping and bruising my leg. So now I am an adult woman going to work with totally bruised up legs – eight year old style…

I don’t like rain, or slow, rude jerks. The end.