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40 Weeks and Counting

1 Feb

Due date is here…but no baby yet! She is moving like crazy though and I feel like she’s  getting ready. Either that or she really likes the chocolate pudding I am eating right now and the Bachelor. Which would be fine too as it would show her great taste! haha

I never noticed how much champagne they drink on the Bachelor until right now — probably because I want a glass so badly!!

Hope the freezing rain storm holds off tonight…I’d like baby and then some pretty snow, in that order, if you don’t mind!

P.S. Is it just me or is Michelle on the Bachelor totally crazy???!!! Why don’t the other women talk about it more?



Snow, Malls, and Beef

29 Jan

Due to cold weather and snow (from our mini-storm), MJD took me to Tysons Galleria today to walk around. It’s just too gross to be outside for very long, but we have got to start using the tricks to get this baby excited about coming out! I understand walking is supposed to help, so we walked for an hour at the mall – how suburban!

After a our  mall tour (where we could not find me new pumas), we found yet another delicious Vietnamese restaurant called Present (here’s a more recent review as well). I had a pork and tofu soup, while MJD had the Cow on the Open Field beef dish. They were both good, but Cow on the Open Field was great!

Now we’re home, watching TV with Artie, and I am trying to stay awake. 39 weeks and four days…I’m trying not to get to frustrated!

DC's mini storm

Drive to work on Friday

TMI Thursday

6 Jan

One of my ankles is swollen.  Just one. And I am at work in a skirt. It’s unfortunate.

I was going to take a picture but figured no need for anyone to have to see that. Then I googled swollen ankle images and that was just nasty.

Figured I’d share and maybe hear from someone else who spent their last month of pregnancy all lopsided. Anyone? I mean why one ankle only?! Ha!

I would like some Ben and Jerry’s now.

DIY Project

30 Dec

Or at least a “do-it-himself” success for MJD!

While I provided moral support, MJD took to the ladder last night and hung curtains. He’s the best! The room is starting to come together, the bassinet arrived, I’m finally going to start washing all the clothes, sheets, and towels. I have to say that I am very impressed about everything we have accomplished during our time off.

Now that we have the furniture and a lot of the basics, we can start decorating (curtains were a big step!). We have a matching crib skirt and sheets from Land of Nod, and some new art work that is being framed, and hopefully it will all be done some time in January. Hope you like the direction it’s all going!

Hard at work!

Decorating has begun

Is this considered nesting?

22 Dec

Just gave away more than 10 shopping bags worth of clothes, shoes, books, and purses. I feel so accomplished. Somehow we still don’t have room for my remaining shoes and bags though! At least there are a few empty shelves for baby now.

Next step, clean up a bit and shove a bunch of baby stuff into the still unorganized baby room, and we should have space for all of our family to chill this weekend in the living room. Who knew how huge these bounce chairs and swings would be? This little baby takes up more room than we do and she’s not even here yet!

Look at those bags!


Birthday in a Fog

13 Dec

So, we’re having a baby. It’s been incredible, unreal, amazing and scary of course. I’m actually writing from Miami where we are ending our “babymoon” or our last trip pre-baby. It looks like we’ll be in DC from now until we are a family of four (Artie the doodle, of course).

Tomorrow is my birthday and we plan to celebrate by getting a Christmas tree…or at least that’s how I want to celebrate and the hubbie has agreed to assist me! Next year, we’ll have a little baby to decorate for and buy gifts for — so crazy! We don’t know too many other interfaith families, but I hope we meet them through the baby. It would be nice to have friends who also want to celebrate all the holidays! It’s an odd feeling how all of a sudden my birthday has taken a back seat to focusing on this little girl that we haven’t even met yet. Don’t get me wrong, I still want a few cards and a suprise, but I keep forgetting the day is even approaching. It’s as if December and I’m sure January are covered in fog. The only day on my mind is Feb 1.

I am going to go convince MJD to take a bet on when she will actually be born. But what are the terms of the bet – I can’t think of anything else that I want!

What I’ve been doing

12 Dec

It’s been a crazy year, but I have much to share.

Countdown to February 1…

What a cute idea?!

30 Jun

Facebook is a place, in my opinion, to check out pictures. It is not a place to stay in touch, per se. I hate writing on people’s walls and I hate the private message option – it just means another thing I have to check and respond to. Keeping up with email is hard enough!

But I love the pictures. Recently, all my friends with babies have started taking monthly pictures of the babies with homemade signs that say “one month” or “two month” etc.. So sweet, right?

Well now look at this adorable idea on Dear Baby.You just stick these colorful and adorable stickers on a onesie and voila!! Look at the variety on Sticky Bellies.

Btw, check out Stay Forever Sunday also – I love that sentiment!

Sticky bellies

Love the A, B, C’s

12 May

So sweet!You can buy it here. Love this woman’s work! To me, these paintings are all happiness and joy. I am trying to get back into posting baby gifts on Wednesdays as I just seem to know more and more friends having babies! Of course, when it came to buying a gift for a one year old this weekend, I totally blanked.  Alas, hopefully Oscar the Grouch is still a hit!

From Creative Thursday

Poster Craze

21 Apr

I am going through a poster craze. Every blog post I see about new posters makes me want to shop, decorate, shop, decorate! I am especially drawn to images of the cities MJD and I come from and live in, and we already have NYC and Cincy posters galore that have yet to be hung up. Among many other pictures and posters crammed into our closets and office!!

But yet again, I have fallen for a city poster that I saw on A Cup of Joe. I really wish I could figure out how to buy it, before I forget. Here’s the artist’s etsy page, but it doesn’t look like these prints are there. I need a better way of filing these things.

I just think this one is a perfect baby gift for another newly pregnant friend!

So sweet!