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Who knew Ramen noodles could be so good?!

7 Jul

I love holiday weekends!!! A longer weekend, bbq, time away, yay!

And when there is bbq (or a cook-out as MJD would call it), there has to be delicious side dishes! This weekend I made a coleslaw with crunchy ramen noodles. I don’t know why it’s so good – maybe because it is NOT healthy! But it’s so good.

Even more fun than that, we decided last minute to go out to Virginia, to the Hopkins Ordinary B&B, and it was such a great idea! All we did was read on the porch, eat dinner, take walks, and drive on Skyline Drive.

Can’t wait for the next three day weekend!


Hot city, cool dinner

2 Jul

This looks amazing. It’s part of my relax and cool down plan. H/t to Queenie Takes Manhattan (what an awesome name for a blog!).


29 Jun

My parents are currently traveling through the south of France, ending in Paris, and torturing me with daily texts from places like Nice and I think they were in Monaco! Their trip has me craving a vacation anywhere, but certainly to Paris.

If I could fly off tomorrow to the city of lights, here is how I would spend my days. Click on each photo to find more amazing Paris shots from these Flick sets!

Walking through the market

Sitting at a cafe

Eating lots of pastry

Wine and there anything better?

Walking everywhere (not running, but I liked the pic!)

Buying tons of these to take home

Yes, all those things were food and drink related, but isn’t that what Paris is all about?!

Update on the dessert

28 Jun

OK, here’s how the old school shortcake turned out…delicious!

First I cut the berries and let them sit for a while tossed in some sugar, I also smushed them up a bit.

I also added some blueberries

Here’s the cake I got at whole foods.

I may prefer broken up pieces of graham cracker...

Then I just put it all together with some cool whip (or whatever the whole foods version is called!)

almost done!

So easy and good!

YUM!!! Perfect for a hot summer night.

Old Fashioned

27 Jun

We’re having strawberry shortcake tonight folks! It’s hot and it sounds cool.  The strawberries caught my eye at whole foods, and I had some cool whip at home, and I even found those little cakes you can dollop all the goodness on.

That’s right, we’re making old school, from childhood, shortcakes! I didn’t even realize there were all these fancy ways to make it until I just tried to find a recipe to tell me whether I am supposed to warm up those cakes. I couldn’t find a recipe, so I am not. Let me know if that’s crazy!

Anyway, this is flashback to Port Jervis, weekends with Ellen, strawberry shortcake, and I can’t wait! I’ll let you know how they turn out!


24 May

One of the great things about Buffalo…Simon!

Simon inspired Artie’s name (Paul Simon/Art Garfunkel) and he really likes to bark out the window. I took this photo on my new droid last weekend before it totally busted.

Cookie Joy

19 May

I want this cookie. I need it, in fact, to get through the day. Why don’t I check Facebook more often so I could have gotten one?!

Made by Modern Domestic

Yay for Moms!

9 May

Happy Mother’s Day! Wish we could celebrate together!

Happy Mother's Day!

A day together

4 May

Last week I mentioned the Doodle Romp. Well, we went and it was amazing!

We drove out to Dewey Beach on Friday night, stayed in a motel filled with doodles, and then spent a day on the beach with even more doodles! What could be better?!

All week my buddy Al Roker was talking about rain, but the day (two weeks ago, I think) turned out to be beautiful. The dogs were running up and down the beach, digging for cooler sand, playing in the water, and mostly looking for pats or treats!

Artie went right into the water…until he chased a tennis ball directly into a wave. Oops! He did not appreciate being knocked over (I didn’t like watching either – I almost sent MJD in after him;-).  He learned his lesson though and stayed at the water’s edge after that!

I love days like this, when we go out for an adventure, and spend the afternoon in the sun. I think when you’re first dating someone you go on these mini adventures so much more often, and once you’re really dating you get lazy. But thanks to Artie, every once in a while we jump in the car and get out of the city, and spend the day together. No computer or phone calls or TV, just hanging out. I love that.

Here’s a slide show – hope it works!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Flashback to winter

22 Apr

I just found some pictures from the winter snowstorms, and had to post Artie’s little booties again. These things were so great.

I mean they are pretty cute to begin with, but if your dog gets ice in his/her paws, these make the snow so much easier on them. Artie could totally be a model for the Times too.

Almost makes you miss winter...almost!

Alright, now back to spring!! Keep your fingers crossed that the rain holds off on Saturday so Artie can go to the Doodle Romp. You know you are going to want the pictures!!