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What a cute idea?!

30 Jun

Facebook is a place, in my opinion, to check out pictures. It is not a place to stay in touch, per se. I hate writing on people’s walls and I hate the private message option – it just means another thing I have to check and respond to. Keeping up with email is hard enough!

But I love the pictures. Recently, all my friends with babies have started taking monthly pictures of the babies with homemade signs that say “one month” or “two month” etc.. So sweet, right?

Well now look at this adorable idea on Dear Baby.You just stick these colorful and adorable stickers on a onesie and voila!! Look at the variety on Sticky Bellies.

Btw, check out Stay Forever Sunday also – I love that sentiment!

Sticky bellies


A poop tee

2 Jun

This is the best thing I have seen in a while! H/t to the lil bee.

How hysterical is this onesie?! Check out the other designs on the Apericots Etsy Site. I want to wear half of them and buy the other half for all the babies I know! I mean come on, I know one grown up sister who would want this one:

A bear for summer

26 May

This is the gift I am buying for the next little girl birthday party I attend! Mom-friends beware!

Bear Hat

Love the A, B, C’s

12 May

So sweet!You can buy it here. Love this woman’s work! To me, these paintings are all happiness and joy. I am trying to get back into posting baby gifts on Wednesdays as I just seem to know more and more friends having babies! Of course, when it came to buying a gift for a one year old this weekend, I totally blanked.  Alas, hopefully Oscar the Grouch is still a hit!

From Creative Thursday

What a cute gift idea!

5 May

I love this idea. Look at how sweet the picture and the silhouette are together.

On Etsy you can find so many options and examples. I did a quick search and found the artist below. You can get a custom silhouette of babies, dogs, wedding portraits…I want one!

Poster Craze

21 Apr

I am going through a poster craze. Every blog post I see about new posters makes me want to shop, decorate, shop, decorate! I am especially drawn to images of the cities MJD and I come from and live in, and we already have NYC and Cincy posters galore that have yet to be hung up. Among many other pictures and posters crammed into our closets and office!!

But yet again, I have fallen for a city poster that I saw on A Cup of Joe. I really wish I could figure out how to buy it, before I forget. Here’s the artist’s etsy page, but it doesn’t look like these prints are there. I need a better way of filing these things.

I just think this one is a perfect baby gift for another newly pregnant friend!

So sweet!

Wall Decals

12 Feb

Check out these adorable wall decals on Bliss by mae.

A. They are so cute

B. The colors are very spring-tastic and I need some spring right now.

C. They look fun to put up!

So sweet

28 Oct

How much do you love this idea?  1001 Rules for my Unborn Son. I read about on A Cup of Jo.

This new dad comes up with rules for his son, like:

*Don’t jog shirtless.

*Framing a poster does not make it valuable.

*Always keep a good joke handy.

*Offer to carry a woman’s bags, especially your mother’s.

The book just came out, and I think it’s must buy if you have a friend having a boy. It’s such a sweet idea, and while 1001 seems daunting, I’m definitely going to keep the idea up my sleeve for a later day!

Oh, and even better. He lives in DC. Here’s an interview!

Reading is fun

21 Oct

I love this post on the lil bee today. It’s a guest post from Ciao, Chessa about the books she loved as a child. As an avid reader, I loved going through her list and remembering the joy of reading all these books. Especially, the Secret Garden

I don’t know how many times I read the Secret Garden, and watched the movie. I think we even went to a play. I think books are the nicest gift to give a new mom – don’t new books just speak to all the cuddly, happy times yet to come!

I also have such nice family memories of reading – Dad reading to us at night, and sitting with my sister in the living room pretending to read school books, but really devouring the Baby-sitter’s Club! I think my mom bought be every book about Helen Keller one summer!

I still love to read, and am always looking to join/start a book club. It’s too easy to go for weeks without reading – getting caught up in television and work. A book club (even one that never talks about the book – aka mine) at least gets me reading consistently.

Now I can’t wait to start my next book!

The funniest cake!

24 Sep

I wanted to post this picture from the lil bee’s amazing baby shower. I mean a diaper cake! How funny and cute is that idea?!

But I can’t get the picture to open on my computer for some reason. So you have to click and see. You must.

Also for the cupcake bar, which one day I will have at a party!!