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Delicious in DC

3 Jun

Have you guys been to Ruan Thai in Maryland? Is this gem just new to me, or everyone? Either way, I had to share.

The place is a serious hole in the wall – but it is delicious!!

We went on Sunday night and followed Tom’s advice all the way. I especially second this part of his review:

If you get only one dish, make it fried watercress scattered with crisp shrimp, squid and cashews. It’s an example of great frying and the Thai way with accents. (Love that screaming lime sauce!)

Amazing! We also had dumplings that were so fresh they melted in your mouth, penang chicken, and a crispy duck dish that MJD couldn’t stop raving about. Who knew he likes duck!!?

If you want something different this weekend, I recommend it. We’ll probably be there again!


Secret Garden

25 May

This weekend my aunt was in town and we had such a busy DC weekend. I’ll give you the highlights.

Lunch on the Hill

Tour of the Capitol

Dinner at the Tabard Inn (on the hidden beautiful patio)

A visit to the Holocaust Museum

The WWII Memorial

Lauriol Plaza

What?! I know! You are super impressed, right? That’s a lot to do in two days.

Best part was, of course, dinner at the Tabard Inn. Sitting on the patio was so relaxing – I felt like we were transported to some old mansion in England! I don’t know why, but it reminded me of the book, The Secret Garden. I usually like to go to the newer restaurants in town, but sometimes the classics are just perfect.

Here’s to a finding another perfect classic spot next weekend!

You may also find me rereading The Secret Garden for the billionth time!

Crushed Tomato

11 May

I’m not really a fan. We went to Pizza Paradiso on Friday night and the regular pizza sauce seems to just be crushed tomato. I liked the pizza and the toppings but the tomato was kinda mushy and tasteless. I wonder if they have options without the crushed tomato. Has anyone else ever noticed that at Pizza Paradiso? I did like the pepperoni topping and my beer though!

It’s so nice that their new location has the patio – we sat inside but still felt the breeze and enjoyed the beautiful evening. Then we watched Rachel Getting Married. That was heavy. Anne Hathaway totally deserved the Oscar though. Have you seen it?

Flickr: joebeone

What’s wrong with this picture?

8 May

From the DC NBC news at 11pm:


Beer, Beer, Beer, Food

6 May

So, you all know that my dad loves beer. And I love food. So, when my parents come to visit, I try to pick restaurants that will make us both happy.

Last weekend, we had a particularly delicious time together, trying Birch & Barley for the first time, going back to Brasserie Beck, and taking my parents to Two Amys.

Birch & Barley is great! We went for brunch and I was a little nervous when we arrived and the hostess almost made us walk around after “arriving too early” at about five minutes before our reservation. Thankfully we only waited for a few minutes and got a great table in the back where it’s a bit quieter. I had a fabulous blood orange mimosa and we started with both the donuts and the sticky buns. I have wanted to go since reading all the amazing brunch reviews from DC foodies!

I mostly wanted the sticky bun, but have to admit that the lemon poppy seed donut was my bliss!

Thanks to Mango and Tomato for the amazing photos on her site!

My dad also loved the unique beer list, and even found beers on it that he’s never tried!

That same night we went to Two Amys for dinner. MJD and I love Two Amys, and have taken my sister and his family on previous visits. Somehow, we’ve never gotten my parents there though. As usual, the pizza was delicious, but we also discovered that this little pizza shop serves hard to find Italian beers! Who knew?!

Now I’m getting hungry!

On the last night of their visit, we took my parents back to our now old favorite, Brasserie Beck. We started with the snails, lamb sausage, and mushroom tart. I would go back just for the apps! Yikes, reading this over I am a little concerned about my cholesterol!

For dinner, my mom and I split two fish dishes and while a little heavy on the salt, they were delicious. Of course, we all enjoyed the beer menu there – no surprise – and couldn’t stop ourselves from getting dessert topped with seasonal strawberries. Yum!

I think the nicest part of Brasserie Beck is that you always get warm bread to start;-) But I might be a carb addict. My favorite meal may still be wine, warm bread, cheese, and avocado.

I need to go find a snack! Go try these restaurants if you haven’t already!!!

Good coffee, bad attitude

3 May

I apologize up front for the following critical comments of a local coffee shop…but I don’t like Mid City Caffe.

I have been there three times and have yet to have a positive experience. I will say I had a delicious latte two out of the three times, but poor customer service all three trips.

Part of the joy of supporting a local business vs. going to Starbucks should be a better experience all around and this place is lacking. I am all about local businesses starting in DC, so I am not going to go on and on with my issues, like I did with my parents (who also had a bad experience when visiting this weekend). But there is no reason to have to wait more than ten minutes for a latte when the store is only a quarter full, or to deal with unfriendly staff.

I get the sense that the bad attitude may be a shtick, and I just want to be on record as saying it turned me off.

I will not be going back…even for the good latte.

Happy Weekend!

30 Apr

Do something fun! I hope to enjoy some wine, mountains, and sun with my hubby and dog…maybe I’ll see you at our local Virginia vineyards!

Sept. 2009 trip

Last time we went to a local vineyard was our anniversary weekend in September – and I had just gotten my wisdom teeth removed! It’s been too long. One of the best things about DC is how many day trip options there are – and I know that MJD and I don’t take enough advantage of the area. I’m sensing a trip to Rock Creek Park next weekend (or maybe we should do that tomorrow instead!).

My guys

Also, keep your fingers crossed for me on Monday when I start a new job! I’m trying to be chill about the whole thing, but any positive vibes Monday morning would be greatly appreciated! The more I think about it, the more I lean toward the wine this particular Saturday!

Find Bliss in DC

30 Apr

Seriously, I just went to Bliss – the spa. Love it!

I used to love Bliss in New York and now it’s in DC. I love that they play singer/songwriter kind of music rather than new age background music. I love the clean look, and colors.

Really I just love to go to a spa, but I am especially psyched that now I can go to Bliss!

Have you guys been to the outside street patio at the W Hotel Washington? It looked so cute – I have to try it. Next time I will have to book an afternoon massage, followed by a drink on the patio!

I love the warm weather!

A must re-post

21 Apr

I try to be nice to tourists, give them directions, and recognize they are helping our local economy. But I will never understand how people lose all commonsense once they are on vacation! Is it that most people visiting DC are not used to being in the city, or does it happen to all of us that once on vacation we forget that others around us aren’t?

My big pet peeves are behavior on the escalator and walking down the street, but Capital Spice has a fabulous round up that you have to check out! I agree with all of it, except the suggestion to bike! DC bikers are dangerous enough — I can’t imagine how difficult tourist bikers are going to be! But that’s my bias…

Check it out!

Hehe, this is what DC feels like in the Spring!

Opinions on Pasta

20 Apr

Everyone loves to talk about pasta! I had so much fun reading all the comments and emails I got about Pasta Mia. Even DC Blogs linked over…thanks for that!! I got a little worried at one point, that people were going to get mad, but even those who disagreed posted comments or sent notes that were great to read. And I’m ok if you think I’m wrong or crazy — I know restaurants and pasta are very personal things!

I think I’m going to make some pasta with sausage and broccoli this weekend, or maybe broccoli rabe. Any suggestions?