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What the Rock?

29 Apr

Did something change on wordpress or is my computer busted? The whole site looks different to me and isn’t really working. Anyone else dealing with this?

Is it almost Saturday?!

20 Aug


Magic Hat #9 in the fridge. On a Wedndesday night, when you think the next day is Friday, and realize it’s only Thursday, popping open a beer makes you at least feel closer to the weekend!

I got to be honest, I can’t think of a peeve, other than work. And I’ve already written that a ton of times.  

I’ll be back later with pictures from our newest renovations instead!

Just for fun…Artie waiting for a treat.

artie waiting

Hawaii here we come

18 Aug


Finally asking for days off for already postponed Honeymoon! The stress of asking, and negotiating has been weighing on me even more than I realized. Now that I asked, I feel more relaxed and excited. Now to planning!

Thanks to Donna62 on Flickr

Thanks to Donna62 on Flickr


Paying for vacation. hawaii is so expensive!

What are you building out there?!

12 Aug


Construction outside my office window. It’s distracting and annoying. Sometimes there’s a crash that makes me jump.


Construction outside my office window. Means I can’t hear anyone unless they come to my office door, and I can ignore some annoying questions. Kind of like wearing earplugs, except louder.

I’m feeling rude today

11 Aug

This is going to come across as really mean, and I semi-apologize. But my peeve for the day: Interns who talk too much.

I’m sorry, but you know what I’m talking about. The intern who has something to add in every discussion and who never delivers a message without editorial commentary. Interns: I know you are bored, and I feel bad about that. But I’m not. So, please, don’t launch into a story about the fight you had with your roommate until someone asks to hear it.

Yikes. I said it.

On the other hand, I enjoy when staff, interns, anyone goes on a trip and brings the office a treat. It makes me feel for that one moment like maybe I had a trip too! No matter what it is, it cheers me up – even salt water taffy, which is what usually makes its way to the office. I don’t really like it. I don’t get what it is. I would never buy it. But if it’s brought to the office, I will ohhh and ahhh and eat a ton of it!

Words of Wisdom: Be generous with your colleagues, folks. If you get to take a vacation, bring a little treat. It will help make you a star employee!

New purchases

7 Aug

Freezing Office: I understand it’s hot out, but really there is no reason to keep the office at 65 degrees. I can’t concentrate. It  might also be the fact that it’s a Friday afternoon, but come on!

On the other hand, I love the though of wearing my new peacock scarf to dinner this weekend. I bought it at South Moon Under – love that store – and can’t wear to wear it.

 peacock scarf

Beaches and Teeth

6 Aug

Perk: Feeling Connected

I love when a blogger you read writes something you totally connect with – even as simple as mentioning a beach you also enjoy visiting. Today, Kate, at The Big Piece of Cake, mentioned Rehobeth in her post. She writes:

I love that beach… The beach itself was hideously crowded since our house was right in the center of things. But as a city kid (now at heart of course, since I live in the sticks), I will take shops and restaurants over quiet beaches.

You’ve all read my many posts about that beach, and I’m glad to know I’m not alone!

Peeve: Finding out you need dental surgery

It’s official. My remaining three wisdom teeth have to be removed. Is there any more to say about that?


6 Aug

These are the flowers I bought the other day that brought back such wonderful wedding memories!


Not sure if this is what I intended

5 Aug

I meant for my peeve and a perk to be based on something that happened on the day I posted, or the day before, but that’s harder than it sounds. It’s hard to find time at work to sign on, and now that I’m paying attention, I see things to post all day!! It’s hard to choose what to write. So today’s is going to be something I noticed earlier in the week, and we’ll see what happens tomorrow!

Peeve: Misleading Cooking Advice

Maybe I just found a bad recipe, or bought a bad brand, but frozen veggies are not good. All the recipes that say using frozen veggies cuts the time, and you won’t miss anything, are LYING. I made a stir fry earlier this week that was just plain bad, due to the frozen veggies. But all the recipes I was finding kept advising the reader to buy a bag of frozen veggies for a stir fry, so being a trusting person, who is trying to spend less on food, I bought a bag at Whole Foods. Gross. All the veggies were mushy and tasteless. Blech.

I think these cook books, and cooking shows should be honest about their cost saving, time saving measures. I mean I may choose to use frozen veggies at some point in my life, regardless of taste, because they are cheap and easy. But just let me know that it won’t taste as good. I wouldn’t have used them on this random night!

Did I just buy a bad brand? Or cook them too long?!

Perk: Bringing Back Memories

Also at Whole Foods, I spotted a bouquet of the flowers I carried at my wedding!


I carried burgundy calla lilies. They were one of my favorite parts of the wedding, and one of the things that really stand out to people looking at our pictures. And the other day at Whole Foods, I saw a small bouquest of the flowers in a lighter pink color. Seeing them brought back all these fabulous wedding memories, so of course I bought them. And all week, as I walk past them on the dining room table, I get happy inside!

Just for kicks, here’s a picture of Artie at the house we rented on Martha’s Vineyard after the wedding!

Artie at wedding

New Purchase vs. Rudeness

4 Aug

I’m on a roll…


Buying a new book – many books in fact. I just love going to book stores and browsing all the covers, and getting sucked into a story you hadn’t even known you were interested in reading. And a new book has a special quality to it, something that I find missing in an old book. I truly believe that reading a book thet is newly printed vs. an old book can give you a different impression of what you’ve read. Not better or worse, just different!

Yesterday I bought Heat.



First off, I don’t know if peeve as a category means anything. But I assume you know what I mean!

A colleague clipping their nails at their desk. Right near your desk. In a public office space. Actually it’s happening as I type this. Gross.