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Do good in DC

22 Apr

I was a wreck last night. Crying, blowing my nose, judging myself harshly for not doing more to help the world…that’s right, I was watching Idol Gives Back.

Every year I watch and promise myself I will get involved in some volunteer work, yet somehow another year goes by and I am making the same promise again. Like everyone, there are so many excuses. I work late, travel too often, have a crazy schedule, but if I can’t figure it out now, how will I ever find time as my life continue to get more and more hectic?

I have no solutions today, just re-posting an easy thing from DCist that we can all do to help young women in our communities. I’ll be donating my bridesmaid dresses to Once Upon a Prom this week, I hope. I just don’t know if my dresses need to be dry cleaned first. But if they will take them, I’m on it.

According to dcist:

Once Upon a Prom is still collecting dresses prior to its big prom dress giveaway planned to take place at Eastern Market on May 1 (which will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Donations are being accepted at ZIPS Cleaners locations through this Saturday (in D.C. there’s one at 4418 Connecticut Avenue NW). Just be sure the dresses you donate are in good shape. Students wishing to participate in the giveaway need only show up with a valid high school ID; one dress per person.

Things I want to do in DC

8 Feb

I was reading this month’s Washingtonian last night, and got so frustrated by the Great Dates article. There are so many things I talk about doing, that I still have never come close to following through on. Obviously this is a general life problem, like how I still haven’t taken cooking or photography classes, or found a workout I can stick with!

But after reading the article, I realized a DC activities list is something I might actually be able to get through.

So here’s my list of things I want to do in DC (in no particular order):

1. See a play at the Folger Theater

2. Get tickets for the Shakespeare Theater Company downtown

3. Eat ar Restaurant Eve

4. Ice skate at the National Gallery Ice Rink

5. Listen to a reading at Politics & Prose

6. Hike through the Arboretum (we have driven through it)

7. Visit the Botanical Gardens

8. Get tix to the Birchmere

9. Ditto the Strathmore

10. Hike and picnic in Rock Creek Park

11. See art and sip wine during an evening of First Fridays in Dupont

12. Get drinks after hours at the Phillips

13. Hear Poetry at Busboys & Poets

14. Go back to Komi and Volt (that counts as one since I have eaten at both!)

15. See an Irish play at the Keegan Theater

16. Get involved with a local charity and event, preferably the DC Central Kitchen Capitol Food Fight.

I probably can’t do these in one year — since a few of them cost quite a bit of money – but maybe all the free ones, and a few pricey ones by the end of the year?!

I am just going to keep adding to this as things come to me – that way I can always look back and remember when I have a free day!

A blur

3 May

This weekend passed in a total blur. How can two days move so quickly? It was just a blur of grocery shopping, laundry, returns to nordstrom…I did make a soup for the week today, though, so I’ll let you know how that tastes tomorrow. It’s chicken cocunut thai soup…We’ll see.

MJD and I also tried Cafe Salsa on 14th on Friday night. Staff is definately working out some snags (waited over an hour, and half that time there were open tables, grrr). But food was delic, as was the strawberry daiquiri my hubbie ordered;-) The pork/guac appetizer was phenom, as was the pork wrapped in a fried plantain that I ordered as a main course. Go on a Tuesday and enjoy!

The weekend may have flown by, but I did accomplish a lot.  I just think I’m so tired from the stress of a new job that I can barely function over the weekend. I have to work on that.

And I will get to a farmers market one of these weekends! (sorry for over sleeping on Saturday MJ!)


23 Apr

I am so irked about my schedule right now and that I never have time to blog. I mean I work, I eat, I watch a show, I sleep. Where is the time for relaxing, reading, blogging, talking on the phone. Working is a drag.

I also have not had the best week – dealing with frustrating situations that seem earily similar to my last job. Hopefully next week will be better.

In the meantime I need a healthy afternoon snack that will give me energy and then maybe I’ll be able to do more than eat and pass out each night.


DC Bus Saves My Wardrobe

8 Apr

I found MJD found a bus that takes me from our house right to the metro. And the metro leaves me really close to work. What does this mean? I can wear heels to and from work! That might sound silly, but I have always walked to work, or had a long walk to the subway, so I had issues everyday with my long pants that need heels, but my inability to wear heels on my commute. Usually this meant I never wore my nice pants or heels, and looked like a shlub on a regular basis! But now, with limited need to walk, I have been able to wear nice shoes and long pants, with only minor pain!

I know this sounds random, but ladies, you understand. Don’t you?!

High Heels

OK, I probably can’t wear heels that high, I am just too lazy, but you get my point!

10 reasons to try and like work

4 Apr

OK, so I felt bad after posting my reasons to hate work the other day. I really am glad to have a job, and decided to write a more optimistic list. Something to read on days when that third cup of coffee just still isn’t doing the trick.

10. Obviously getting a paycheck is key.

9. The chance that I might make new friends.

8. Meeting MJD for lunch is a super special break in the day (we have yet to do this, but talk about it a a lot!).

7. Having weekend plans is something to really look forward to.

6. I can go shopping and feel only partially guilty.

5. Can pay half of the mortgage somewhat on time.

4. I feel like I am accomplishing something every day…but I  may have just written that because I feel like I should have it in the list!

3. Artie is super excited when I get home.

2. I like routine.

1. I really love muffins, and like to treat myself to them on fridays after a long week.

HMM, that list was  a lot harder than the other one. I think it’s because I really do work mostly for money – if I was a millionare I think I would do all different little jobs, volunteer, put money into a bakery, lauch a website, etc…I don’t think I’d have a 9am-5pm  (who am I kidding, 9am-7pm if lucky) job.

Alas, it’s back to work on Monday for now…but I need a black suit and buying that make will make me feel better!

10 reasons why working is not fun

31 Mar

OK, don’t get me wrong, I am really thankful for having a job. A few weeks ago, I was at the stage of unemployment when I was freaking out about how to pay my bills, mortgage, etc…I mean I didn’t really want to look at my new lovely husband and ask him to cover me a few grand;-) Plus, it was getting hard not to go shopping or get a manicure.

But, nonetheless, working is really tough. Here’s what been hardest so far, in no particular order:

10. Free time flies by. I barely have time to cook, eat, and watch one show, before I’m freaking out that I have to get up in less than eight hours.

9. Never getting eight hours of sleep.

8. Having no time for gossip girl marathons.

7. Being forced to eat bad lunch everyday, from the same small collection of bad lunch places.

6. Always having a fake smile on my face, cause I don’t have friends at work yet.

5. Not having time to call my NY friends and family when I am home, or meet my DC friends cause of the aforementioned cook, eat, one tv show, panicked rush to bed dilemma.

4. No time to blog, twitter, etc.

3. Leaving Artie in the crate all day.

2. No time for Oprah.

1. Having to look nice all the time.

Off to Maryland!

13 Mar

So, I got a job. Crazy, right?! I am both excited and stressed beyond belief. Starting a new job is like jumping out of an airplane – it could be awesome, or could totally suck. That was such a lame thing to write, cause if starting a job were really like jumping out of an airplane (I am both scared of heights and of flying), I would still be answering the phone at a publishing house! Moving on…

Anyway, since I got this new job, MJD and I are off to celebrate with a weekend getaway on St. Michaels in MD. Yes, it’s cold. But the hotel looks cozy, we’re trying a highly recommended restaurant, and I made myself an appointment at a spa! So, I’m pretty psyched!

I will write more about the job stuff later, but it really does stress me out to think about it.

In case you miss me over the weekend, you can read about a recent gossip girl watching evening gone wrong here…GG viewing turned into lighting a small electrical appliance on fire. Oops!

A Winter Stroll

A Winter Stroll

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Relax and Enjoy

10 Mar

Relax and Enjoy is my new motto. I am so tightly wired these days and it’s just not that fun. I always seem to have a stressed feeling in the pit of my stomach, even when I am doing something fun. And it is especially terrible on days like this, when my sister is in town for a limited town, and we’re supposed to have a blast! So, Relax and Enjoy is the motto.

Lil’ sis arrived on Sunday night and we’ve been very busy eating, drinking, and mostly TV watching. Hence the lame non-existent posting, and damn my google reader is about to explode with blogs that I cannot keep up with! (I will be catching up on my reading all day Friday I hope!) Anyway, on Sunday, I picked the sis up at Union Station and since we were both starving, we drove right home to make a delicious Jamie Oliver pasta recipe. I am looking for the recipe to share – if I can’t find it I will type it up. The husband and the sis thought it was fabulous as well. It calls for baked ricotta…need I say more!

Yesterday, lil’ sis had a bunch of informational interviews, we walked around and just hung out at home. For dinner, MJD picked us up and we went to Two Amy’s – a favorite of all of ours! MJD ordered his own pizza (he doesn’t like to share;-) and we split a Two Amy’s pizza and an Etna (eggplant, olives, capers). Oh and we started with the bruschetta and beet salad. That place is fabulous and we had a great time people watching and making fun of each other!

We really wanted to take lil’ sis to Max’s Ice Cream in Glover park, but it was closed. BOOO. After two other failed attempts, we finally got some ben & jerry’s at my most hated Safeway and watched Friday Night Lights on Tivo. PS, that safeway card is worth getting – we saved three dollars on two pints!

Today we are being lazy and watched Martha Stewart and the View. Now we have to make a plan for the afternoon before the sis abandons me for more meetings.

Sorry – I just realized that I have no point to what I am writing! I’ll just leave you with that synopsis (totes for mom and dad!) and be back in a few days!

I love having visitors! See you Friday!

What to be when I grow up…

3 Mar

Back from my interview and just exhausted. I could crawl into bed for the rest of the day, but I can’t. So many other jobs and contacts to follow up on! I am dreaming of the lychee martini I’m ordering tonight at Thai Chef!

Anyway, today I realized once again that I wish I could do something totally out of the box. And it reminded me of a great post from Mansionmogul on Friday asking what professions you’d like to try. At first it was such an overwhelming question I quickly brushed past it, but when I went back and just started writing a comment, the ideas came so naturally! I want to be a B-list (maybe D-list) celebrity! HA!

Here are my answers, you have to check out Mansionmogul’s answers as well. I can’t believe I didn’t think of working on the Ellen show (her cover girl commercial is too funny)!

Backup singer

Food critic

News anchor

Soap opera star

Party planner (for famous people)

I’d also like to add romance novel author.