Do you have a favorite charity?

17 Dec

Every year around the holidays MJD and I try to give back and donate to different charities. MJD almost always gives to the same place, but I tend to vary every year, and lately try to give to our community in DC. But this year, with babies on the mind, I really wanted to give to other families that needed a little help to care for their babies.

As I was starting to look around, a friend in Chicago reached out to ask for help supporting a local organization, Bundle of Joy Diaper Bank, in her community. The organization is collecting 100,000 diapers for low-income families.

Did you know diapers are on the “no buy” list for food stamps because they are considered a paper product? So families can’t get access to diapers for their babies.

At this time in my life, as I buy fancy leg warmers and embroidered newborn caps for our impending arrival, the thought of families struggling to afford such a basic product is so scary. I mean we are blessed to be able to afford diapers, wipes, organic baby wash, etc…and I am in a near panic that I won’t get everything in time or I won’t get the right thing, I can’t imagine the stress of not being able to afford it.

Anyway, I just want to share an article about the organization in case anyone else is on the look out for a group like this. If nothing else, it’s made me remember how lucky I am – even amidst the lists, the nervousness, and the unknown!



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