Kale, Fried Artichokes, Top Chef

14 Dec

While in Miami we ate at Michelle Bernstein’s restaurant Sra. Martinez, and boy was it good. If you’re heading to Miami I would add it to the list of spots to try. First of all, it’s in the design district, so it’ll get you out of South Beach for a night. Secondly, do the chef tasting menu, you’ll get a mix of everything. The staff was great. The food delicious. We didn’t really eat one seafood dish and the chef sent a replacement…not everyplace does that.

MJD’s fave was the kale..who knew. Another vegetable I can try at home though to spice up the rotation. My faves ranged from the obvious – the bacon wrapped fig (why is that always so good?) to the large prawn to the oxtail pasta…delicious. Of course, I couldn’t sleep that night as I am an enormous pregnant lady who ate her weight in tapas, but it was worth it.

We also spent a lot of time in Miami talking baby names…it’s such a tough decision. I mean you are giving this little person a name to live with forever…and don’t we all remember having issue with our names at some point? So you just want to pick something that will have the least negatives…nothing too common, nothing too out there, nothing with too crazy a nickname, and nothing too long that you need a nickname. The list could go on and on and on.

Anyway, the discussion continues. It might go on right up until we meet the little one. I am such a planner though…it stresses me out not to have a decision. But maybe she wants a say in the decision!! ha! We tried saying names at my tummy but didn’t get much reaction. Maybe she’ll be more invested once she’s out here and has to use the name! I wonder how many parents say a variety of names to there little three hour old baby and hope the baby decides!


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