Birthday in a Fog

13 Dec

So, we’re having a baby. It’s been incredible, unreal, amazing and scary of course. I’m actually writing from Miami where we are ending our “babymoon” or our last trip pre-baby. It looks like we’ll be in DC from now until we are a family of four (Artie the doodle, of course).

Tomorrow is my birthday and we plan to celebrate by getting a Christmas tree…or at least that’s how I want to celebrate and the hubbie has agreed to assist me! Next year, we’ll have a little baby to decorate for and buy gifts for — so crazy! We don’t know too many other interfaith families, but I hope we meet them through the baby. It would be nice to have friends who also want to celebrate all the holidays! It’s an odd feeling how all of a sudden my birthday has taken a back seat to focusing on this little girl that we haven’t even met yet. Don’t get me wrong, I still want a few cards and a suprise, but I keep forgetting the day is even approaching. It’s as if December and I’m sure January are covered in fog. The only day on my mind is Feb 1.

I am going to go convince MJD to take a bet on when she will actually be born. But what are the terms of the bet – I can’t think of anything else that I want!


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