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Who knew Ramen noodles could be so good?!

7 Jul

I love holiday weekends!!! A longer weekend, bbq, time away, yay!

And when there is bbq (or a cook-out as MJD would call it), there has to be delicious side dishes! This weekend I made a coleslaw with crunchy ramen noodles. I don’t know why it’s so good – maybe because it is NOT healthy! But it’s so good.

Even more fun than that, we decided last minute to go out to Virginia, to the Hopkins Ordinary B&B, and it was such a great idea! All we did was read on the porch, eat dinner, take walks, and drive on Skyline Drive.

Can’t wait for the next three day weekend!


Team Vienna

6 Jul

Sorry for this annoying mid-day update. Especially if you hate/don’t watch the Bachelorette. But after last night’s interview, I am totally Team Vienna. There. I said it. Judge away.


6 Jul

I’m sorry for loving it, but I do. Between the show and the Jake and Vienna special…what is there not to love.

Who is she going to pick?! The last episode, I had no idea who she was going to send home. I felt so bad for…..SPOILER ALERT…

Ty. He was so nice. I mean he did seem a little too southern and traditional, but so sweet! I kind of like all the guys better than Ali, yet I can’t stop watching! Her pouty face at the end is super annoying. I mean she made the decision, she needs to stop crying about it in front of the guy she is sending home.

And get out of the rain, woman!

Hot city, cool dinner

2 Jul

This looks amazing. It’s part of my relax and cool down plan. H/t to Queenie Takes Manhattan (what an awesome name for a blog!).