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What a cute idea?!

30 Jun

Facebook is a place, in my opinion, to check out pictures. It is not a place to stay in touch, per se. I hate writing on people’s walls and I hate the private message option – it just means another thing I have to check and respond to. Keeping up with email is hard enough!

But I love the pictures. Recently, all my friends with babies have started taking monthly pictures of the babies with homemade signs that say “one month” or “two month” etc.. So sweet, right?

Well now look at this adorable idea on Dear Baby.You just stick these colorful and adorable stickers on a onesie and voila!! Look at the variety on Sticky Bellies.

Btw, check out Stay Forever Sunday also – I love that sentiment!

Sticky bellies


29 Jun

My parents are currently traveling through the south of France, ending in Paris, and torturing me with daily texts from places like Nice and I think they were in Monaco! Their trip has me craving a vacation anywhere, but certainly to Paris.

If I could fly off tomorrow to the city of lights, here is how I would spend my days. Click on each photo to find more amazing Paris shots from these Flick sets!

Walking through the market

Sitting at a cafe

Eating lots of pastry

Wine and there anything better?

Walking everywhere (not running, but I liked the pic!)

Buying tons of these to take home

Yes, all those things were food and drink related, but isn’t that what Paris is all about?!

Update on the dessert

28 Jun

OK, here’s how the old school shortcake turned out…delicious!

First I cut the berries and let them sit for a while tossed in some sugar, I also smushed them up a bit.

I also added some blueberries

Here’s the cake I got at whole foods.

I may prefer broken up pieces of graham cracker...

Then I just put it all together with some cool whip (or whatever the whole foods version is called!)

almost done!

So easy and good!

YUM!!! Perfect for a hot summer night.

Cocktail Attire

28 Jun

OK, a cocktail party on a weeknight. No time to go home and change after work. Does this dress look good for work and the party?

The one I got is not identical but close enough. Dressier with a big chunky necklace like the model is wearing, or long stands of gold to cut the black dress a bit? What do you think?

Old Fashioned

27 Jun

We’re having strawberry shortcake tonight folks! It’s hot and it sounds cool.  The strawberries caught my eye at whole foods, and I had some cool whip at home, and I even found those little cakes you can dollop all the goodness on.

That’s right, we’re making old school, from childhood, shortcakes! I didn’t even realize there were all these fancy ways to make it until I just tried to find a recipe to tell me whether I am supposed to warm up those cakes. I couldn’t find a recipe, so I am not. Let me know if that’s crazy!

Anyway, this is flashback to Port Jervis, weekends with Ellen, strawberry shortcake, and I can’t wait! I’ll let you know how they turn out!

A Mess

15 Jun

Not to be one of those complainers, but this is what I feel like, and why I have been silent for almost two weeks!


 It’s hard to write when you are starting a new job. I am so zapped at night and barely have time to even read my fave blogs! Where am I going to find more time? I also blame my numerous trips to NYC for eating up the weekends. But they have been so fun, I can’t be mad at them. I hope to be back this weekend as I have zero plans.

Also, I don’t know why I googled messy room just now — that’s totally the first thought that came to mind when I contemplated my lack of blogging. I also stumbled across the Berenstain Bears “Messy Room” book. I loved those books!

Didn't you love these books?

Delicious in DC

3 Jun

Have you guys been to Ruan Thai in Maryland? Is this gem just new to me, or everyone? Either way, I had to share.

The place is a serious hole in the wall – but it is delicious!!

We went on Sunday night and followed Tom’s advice all the way. I especially second this part of his review:

If you get only one dish, make it fried watercress scattered with crisp shrimp, squid and cashews. It’s an example of great frying and the Thai way with accents. (Love that screaming lime sauce!)

Amazing! We also had dumplings that were so fresh they melted in your mouth, penang chicken, and a crispy duck dish that MJD couldn’t stop raving about. Who knew he likes duck!!?

If you want something different this weekend, I recommend it. We’ll probably be there again!

A poop tee

2 Jun

This is the best thing I have seen in a while! H/t to the lil bee.

How hysterical is this onesie?! Check out the other designs on the Apericots Etsy Site. I want to wear half of them and buy the other half for all the babies I know! I mean come on, I know one grown up sister who would want this one: