Beer, Beer, Beer, Food

6 May

So, you all know that my dad loves beer. And I love food. So, when my parents come to visit, I try to pick restaurants that will make us both happy.

Last weekend, we had a particularly delicious time together, trying Birch & Barley for the first time, going back to Brasserie Beck, and taking my parents to Two Amys.

Birch & Barley is great! We went for brunch and I was a little nervous when we arrived and the hostess almost made us walk around after “arriving too early” at about five minutes before our reservation. Thankfully we only waited for a few minutes and got a great table in the back where it’s a bit quieter. I had a fabulous blood orange mimosa and we started with both the donuts and the sticky buns. I have wanted to go since reading all the amazing brunch reviews from DC foodies!

I mostly wanted the sticky bun, but have to admit that the lemon poppy seed donut was my bliss!

Thanks to Mango and Tomato for the amazing photos on her site!

My dad also loved the unique beer list, and even found beers on it that he’s never tried!

That same night we went to Two Amys for dinner. MJD and I love Two Amys, and have taken my sister and his family on previous visits. Somehow, we’ve never gotten my parents there though. As usual, the pizza was delicious, but we also discovered that this little pizza shop serves hard to find Italian beers! Who knew?!

Now I’m getting hungry!

On the last night of their visit, we took my parents back to our now old favorite, Brasserie Beck. We started with the snails, lamb sausage, and mushroom tart. I would go back just for the apps! Yikes, reading this over I am a little concerned about my cholesterol!

For dinner, my mom and I split two fish dishes and while a little heavy on the salt, they were delicious. Of course, we all enjoyed the beer menu there – no surprise – and couldn’t stop ourselves from getting dessert topped with seasonal strawberries. Yum!

I think the nicest part of Brasserie Beck is that you always get warm bread to start;-) But I might be a carb addict. My favorite meal may still be wine, warm bread, cheese, and avocado.

I need to go find a snack! Go try these restaurants if you haven’t already!!!


One Response to “Beer, Beer, Beer, Food”

  1. Wink May 8, 2010 at 8:35 am #

    ANY blog post that begins “Beer, Beer…..” has got to be awesome.

    Found you through Twitter – love your blog! It’s so neat finding new “pen pals” through social media.

    Enjoy your weekend, it should be a beautiful one here in our nation’s capitol.

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