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A bear for summer

26 May

This is the gift I am buying for the next little girl birthday party I attend! Mom-friends beware!

Bear Hat


Secret Garden

25 May

This weekend my aunt was in town and we had such a busy DC weekend. I’ll give you the highlights.

Lunch on the Hill

Tour of the Capitol

Dinner at the Tabard Inn (on the hidden beautiful patio)

A visit to the Holocaust Museum

The WWII Memorial

Lauriol Plaza

What?! I know! You are super impressed, right? That’s a lot to do in two days.

Best part was, of course, dinner at the Tabard Inn. Sitting on the patio was so relaxing – I felt like we were transported to some old mansion in England! I don’t know why, but it reminded me of the book, The Secret Garden. I usually like to go to the newer restaurants in town, but sometimes the classics are just perfect.

Here’s to a finding another perfect classic spot next weekend!

You may also find me rereading The Secret Garden for the billionth time!


24 May

One of the great things about Buffalo…Simon!

Simon inspired Artie’s name (Paul Simon/Art Garfunkel) and he really likes to bark out the window. I took this photo on my new droid last weekend before it totally busted.

Recent posts

20 May

So, I guess there’s been a pattern to my recent posts. I got this email from my mom today:

Bacon…hot dogs…cookies…sounds like you need a nutrition consultant.  HAHA

Ha! She’s right. But I’ve been feeling a need for comfort food these days!

Pizza tonight (oh yeah and the mint milano cookies I rediscovered and have become obsessed with)! I’ll be more wholesome next week!

Pepperidge Farm goodness

Cookie Joy

19 May

I want this cookie. I need it, in fact, to get through the day. Why don’t I check Facebook more often so I could have gotten one?!

Made by Modern Domestic

Hot Dogs

18 May

Hot dogs are really an under-appreciated food! Why do they have such a bad rep? Are they that bad for you?

I don’t even care anymore. I had a delicious hot dog at Ted’s in Buffalo this weekend. Grilled over charcoal…delicious! I usually only eat a hot dog at a baseball game, but I enjoyed it almost as much, right there, in the restaurant. Good thing we don’t have a grill, or it would be hot dogs every night!

I’m not sure why Ted’s calls them “red hots”, but if I go back on the next trip, I am getting a jumbo instead of a regular. Now I’m starving again.

I need to go to a Nats game or to Ben’s asap What’s better: a hot dog and a beer or a hot dog and a milkshake…?

Bacon It

13 May

Yes, that’s Bacon used as a verb. And yes, I kinda love that Dairy Queen commercial.

Can you find it online? It makes me laugh every time and I can’t find it anywhere. In my searching though I discovered a huge fan base for DQ commercials! They also have a blog, a blizzard tour, a facebook page…pretty funny!

But where’s my commercial!!?

I did a bacon search on Flickr also and found this amazing looking sandwich!

Flickr: Unprose

Love the A, B, C’s

12 May

So sweet!You can buy it here. Love this woman’s work! To me, these paintings are all happiness and joy. I am trying to get back into posting baby gifts on Wednesdays as I just seem to know more and more friends having babies! Of course, when it came to buying a gift for a one year old this weekend, I totally blanked.  Alas, hopefully Oscar the Grouch is still a hit!

From Creative Thursday

Crushed Tomato

11 May

I’m not really a fan. We went to Pizza Paradiso on Friday night and the regular pizza sauce seems to just be crushed tomato. I liked the pizza and the toppings but the tomato was kinda mushy and tasteless. I wonder if they have options without the crushed tomato. Has anyone else ever noticed that at Pizza Paradiso? I did like the pepperoni topping and my beer though!

It’s so nice that their new location has the patio – we sat inside but still felt the breeze and enjoyed the beautiful evening. Then we watched Rachel Getting Married. That was heavy. Anne Hathaway totally deserved the Oscar though. Have you seen it?

Flickr: joebeone

Sending Gifts

10 May

For Mother’s Day this year, my sister and I were going to send a flower arrangement to mom, but when it came down to it, we couldn’t remember which flowers make her sneeze…so we sent an edible arrangement instead!!

I have been torn recently by the edible arrangement…I’m sort of drawn to it, but also not sure if it’s really lame. Well, now I am a fan! The picture my mom sent makes it look tasty, it’s something different to receive, it’s kind of funny, and according to mom it tasted pretty fresh!

Mom even sent the picture!