Bachelor Spoiler

2 Mar

If you are living under a rock, happen to have a life, or are buried in work, and still haven’t watched the Bachelor from last night….Stop reading!

If you watched – OMG what did you think?! I was both shocked and not shocked. It seemed like they were setting up Tenley for failure, and the connection with Vienna was really there. But really?! They think they are a perfect pair? I guess, to each his/her own, but I just don’t see it. The age difference, the grammar difference, the life experience?! Vienna is really just going to up and move to Dallas after a few months of dating on reality tv? I am intrigued.

And then Ali as the next Bachelorette?! What a diss to Jake!?! She couldn’t stay a few extra weeks to be with him, but now she can do a whole season – is she quitting her job? I hope she stops whining and pouting before the show starts. I won’t be able to handle that.

Alas, I cannot wait for the next season to start. Mondays are once again the most blah day of the week.

Till next time…

Crazy Kids...


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