Dream Decorating

24 Feb

Did you happen to take the quiz in Real Simple Magazine this month that tells you all about your decorating style? I basically tied for all of them but the modern one. And not to start off negative, but why does such a great magazine, have such a bad website? I can’t even find information about the quiz online.

Regardless, the quiz only solidified what I already know. I am conflicted about decorating – I am drawn to a simple, clean look in West Elm lets say, and then I look through pottery barn and love the comfort and coziness, and then I walk into Anthropologie and want only vintage.

I really need to start an inspiration folder and see if any particular trend stands out. I did that with my wedding and found it to be so helpful. Once I looked through the pictures it was clear that everything was simple, but had a bit of a vintage or romantic flair. I think I tend to be more simple so our wedding was a toned down version of what I saw in magazines, but it really helped.

Unlike with the wedding planning though, I struggle with seeing something I love for a home and knowing how to create a simpler, often less girly, version!

I started thinking about all these decorating ideas again this weekend while walking around Alexandria. There are so many fabulous home stores, and we spent an unnecessary amount of time in The Hour looking at hundreds of vintage cocktail sets. I have been wanting vintage wine glasses for at least a year, but I got so overwhelmed in the store between all the different styles and colors, and basically wanted to redo all of my glassware right then and there.

Of course, instead, I bought nothing. But I will be going back to buy something soon.

Mixed in with the glassware, there were also vintage serving platters, posters, and lights…all of which I loved. But how to take pieces of that look and mesh them with my pottery barn apartment?

While I figure that out, take a look at this store – it’s wonderful.

The Hour Shop

By the way, we did finally buy a light fixture for over the dining room table. You may remember the days of debate. The light we chose was installed on Thursday, but now we need the ceiling repaired! I will post pictures soon.


2 Responses to “Dream Decorating”

  1. Lusty Reader February 24, 2010 at 1:59 pm #

    sounds like a great quiz, i have NO idea what my decorating style is, but have two things to recommend to you:

    1. West Elm in Chinatown is going out of business, they are having a HUGE sale right now!

    2. Have you ever been to Reincarnations on 14th and Rhode Island? When we bought our new place we found a bunch of stuff there, they have reproductions of antiques, great shabby-chic-romantic stuff, as well as moden furniture.


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