Dear Sunday

21 Feb

Dear Sunday night,

You are not my favorite part of the week, but I am dealing with your arrival. I had a wonderful weekend, and am doing my best to ignore you and be positive. Please slow down though.


Why isn’t it Friday yet? (KPD)

That felt kind of good to write, like a rain dance…something to make the weekend last longer! Anyway, I did really have a great weekend. My sister and cousin came for a visit and we had such a relaxing and nice weekend. The weather was beautiful and we walked around Old Town and Eastern Market.

We went out to eat and for drinks in the neighborhood on Friday and Saturday nights, and I once again appreciated how close we live to U Street and 14th Street. Our neighborhood has so much to offer, and it’s easy to forget that in the day to day habits of life! We ate at Ulah Bistro – I had been once for brunch, but never dinner. It was loud, but perfect for a Saturday night! Then we went to Church Key, which I have been sooo excited to try and it did not disappoint. Although I will probably never go back on a Saturday night.

I actually almost gave up on it when I saw the line outside the bar. I mean, come on….but just as I was on the verge of writing the place off my list, they brought out free pieces of pizza for everyone on line. That warmed my heart (which was already giddy from the two drunken arnold palmers at Ulah YUM). Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long, but when we got upstairs, it was literally like walking into a sauna. It was kind of gross. But once we pushed past the bar to the front area with tables, and actually got a table (beer gods were smiling), it was great!

I had a delic belgian beer which I enjoyed, even though I yelled at my sister for not ordering me an American one during the Olympics!!! Oh, and although my cousin’s beer was delivered with about an inch missing from the top of the glass, the highlight of the night came when my sister pulled out a card that measures how much beer you might be missing from any given glass. My father is going to be so proud since he gave it to her.

Visitors, Olympics, eating, drinking…it was great!

In other news, we also taught Artie to roll over!

I also just changed my header to a picture we took in Hawaii – I am so ready for the warm weather.

P.S. in case you are wondering, my cousin got a new beer at Church Key, and the waiter was really funny about it all!


2 Responses to “Dear Sunday”

  1. klegeyt February 22, 2010 at 10:45 am #

    FYI, a drunken Arnold Palmer is called a John Daly.

    • DC Striving February 22, 2010 at 11:31 am #

      really? So random!! I think the restaurant called it drunken!

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