Things I have done in DC

9 Feb

After writing yesterday’s list, I started thinking that I have also done a lot of things that I would love to do again or more often. When I first moved to DC I really felt like the city had no life or soul. Compared to NY it seemed so boring. But during the last few years, I have tried really hard to get to know the city. And now I have favorites: neighborhood restaurants, fancy restaurants, day trips, weekend outtings, blogs, cultural activities…So here are some of the things I am glad we did, and hope to keep doing!

1. Explore VA wine country

2. Stay at a B&B in Virginia wine country

3. See a show at the 9:30 club

4. Take advantage of the local wine bars

5. Start a blog (I think this counts since I write about DC!)

6. Eat at Eden Center for great Vietnamese

7. Go to the National Gallery

8. Take the puppy to Quiet Waters

9. See more than one show at the Kennedy Center

10. Eat at more local restaurants

11. Check out more monuments

12. Run a 5K

13. Shop at Eastern Market

14. Go to Nationals games

15. Learn about the restaurant scene

16. Follow local blogs

17. Explore Old Town

18. Find a hair stylist

19. See indie movies at E Street (we were doing that a lot about a year ago – got to pick that up again!)

20. Locate a bunch of places to get a good mani/pedi, massage, etc…

I kinda like parts of this city!


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