Pick Me!

3 Feb

Guys, I am becoming obsessed with the Bachelor – On the Wings of Love (did producers think adding this song title would bump ratings?), but I can’t seem to get over how embarassing it is for these women to basically beg to be picked by the guy. How unnatural of a situation!?! I totally agreed with the one with the childs voice when she said this week that it upsets her to hear the bachelor say “I am falling for all of you.”  I mean, really?! He said that to all of them together!

Do you think he really knows which one he wants already, but he has to go through the motions?  If not, won’t the woman he picks feel so insulted watching this on TV?

Also, why does it never come up that he is in his thirties lookng for a wife, but the women there are all early twenties. I mean they should at least discuss, right?

You have to give Frank the Entertainer credit for at least being honest about his choices. Why are these shows so good, when they are so bad?!

Btw, I am so busy these days – working all weekend and nights. I need more time for reality television!


2 Responses to “Pick Me!”

  1. moderndomestic February 4, 2010 at 11:45 am #

    I think they should totally discuss the age gap thing. Like, in your 30s you’ve had all this time to discover who you are and what you want, but in your early 20s you’re really just figuring all that out. Even if you’re mature and together (and I know plenty of fabulous women in their early 20s are) there’s always going to be this huge gap in life experience. At the very least, the show should address the age gap, you know?

    • KPD February 4, 2010 at 4:05 pm #

      Yes exactly! I am sure there are wonderful relationships out there between women in their twenties and men in their thirties, but it seems like an obvious issue to talk about. Doesn’t he wonder if all these women in their early twenties are really ready to get married? I am sure some of them are, but also seems like a few of them might not be. Either way, the show is just so nice to watch on a Monday!

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