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Dream Decorating

24 Feb

Did you happen to take the quiz in Real Simple Magazine this month that tells you all about your decorating style? I basically tied for all of them but the modern one. And not to start off negative, but why does such a great magazine, have such a bad website? I can’t even find information about the quiz online.

Regardless, the quiz only solidified what I already know. I am conflicted about decorating – I am drawn to a simple, clean look in West Elm lets say, and then I look through pottery barn and love the comfort and coziness, and then I walk into Anthropologie and want only vintage.

I really need to start an inspiration folder and see if any particular trend stands out. I did that with my wedding and found it to be so helpful. Once I looked through the pictures it was clear that everything was simple, but had a bit of a vintage or romantic flair. I think I tend to be more simple so our wedding was a toned down version of what I saw in magazines, but it really helped.

Unlike with the wedding planning though, I struggle with seeing something I love for a home and knowing how to create a simpler, often less girly, version!

I started thinking about all these decorating ideas again this weekend while walking around Alexandria. There are so many fabulous home stores, and we spent an unnecessary amount of time in The Hour looking at hundreds of vintage cocktail sets. I have been wanting vintage wine glasses for at least a year, but I got so overwhelmed in the store between all the different styles and colors, and basically wanted to redo all of my glassware right then and there.

Of course, instead, I bought nothing. But I will be going back to buy something soon.

Mixed in with the glassware, there were also vintage serving platters, posters, and lights…all of which I loved. But how to take pieces of that look and mesh them with my pottery barn apartment?

While I figure that out, take a look at this store – it’s wonderful.

The Hour Shop

By the way, we did finally buy a light fixture for over the dining room table. You may remember the days of debate. The light we chose was installed on Thursday, but now we need the ceiling repaired! I will post pictures soon.


Best Party Idea Ever

23 Feb

UPDATE: How amazing was the Bachelor last night? Followed by the last group of ice dancing pairs. I am exhausted today!

I am so impressed by this party on You Are My Fave! It’s Olympics-themed!!!

How amazing is this?!

 The party had Olympic-themed decorations, food, games, everything! Check it out and be ready to get inspired!

I will have to throw a party like this during the Summer games. Imagine chocolate covered oreos making the Olympics symbol. YUM!!

The jealousy is out of control;) But so is the inspiration!

New Food Obsession

22 Feb

Image from Darwin Bell on Flickr


Lovely, healthy grapefruit.

I could eat a grapefruit with sugar every night.

Do grapefruits go out of season? Will I be without them soon?

Dear Sunday

21 Feb

Dear Sunday night,

You are not my favorite part of the week, but I am dealing with your arrival. I had a wonderful weekend, and am doing my best to ignore you and be positive. Please slow down though.


Why isn’t it Friday yet? (KPD)

That felt kind of good to write, like a rain dance…something to make the weekend last longer! Anyway, I did really have a great weekend. My sister and cousin came for a visit and we had such a relaxing and nice weekend. The weather was beautiful and we walked around Old Town and Eastern Market.

We went out to eat and for drinks in the neighborhood on Friday and Saturday nights, and I once again appreciated how close we live to U Street and 14th Street. Our neighborhood has so much to offer, and it’s easy to forget that in the day to day habits of life! We ate at Ulah Bistro – I had been once for brunch, but never dinner. It was loud, but perfect for a Saturday night! Then we went to Church Key, which I have been sooo excited to try and it did not disappoint. Although I will probably never go back on a Saturday night.

I actually almost gave up on it when I saw the line outside the bar. I mean, come on….but just as I was on the verge of writing the place off my list, they brought out free pieces of pizza for everyone on line. That warmed my heart (which was already giddy from the two drunken arnold palmers at Ulah YUM). Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long, but when we got upstairs, it was literally like walking into a sauna. It was kind of gross. But once we pushed past the bar to the front area with tables, and actually got a table (beer gods were smiling), it was great!

I had a delic belgian beer which I enjoyed, even though I yelled at my sister for not ordering me an American one during the Olympics!!! Oh, and although my cousin’s beer was delivered with about an inch missing from the top of the glass, the highlight of the night came when my sister pulled out a card that measures how much beer you might be missing from any given glass. My father is going to be so proud since he gave it to her.

Visitors, Olympics, eating, drinking…it was great!

In other news, we also taught Artie to roll over!

I also just changed my header to a picture we took in Hawaii – I am so ready for the warm weather.

P.S. in case you are wondering, my cousin got a new beer at Church Key, and the waiter was really funny about it all!

Oh say can you see…

17 Feb

Can you see the Americans winning the most medals at the Olympics? I hope so, but I am not going to let that question dominate my viewing experience. Of couse, the announcers talk about it a lot, and MJD, who does not enjoy the Olympics, won’t watch at all if we’re losing! But like most women in my family, I really watch the Olympics for the stories!!

I was so happy for the Chinese pair skaters who finally got gold, and can go home and get married now. And so sad for the American snow boarder who fell again. The stories are really what make the Olympics so intense!

Meanwhile, I have to flip back and forth between the Olympics and American Idol, so I am tearing up non stop. I was a mess last night! Hope you are enjoying the experience!

Thanks to Miss Barabanov

Wall Decals

12 Feb

Check out these adorable wall decals on Bliss by mae.

A. They are so cute

B. The colors are very spring-tastic and I need some spring right now.

C. They look fun to put up!

Entertain yourself with snow videos!

10 Feb

Wow! Today’s snow is so much worse than what we got over the weekend?! Don’t you think?

It’s icy and the wind really does cause a “white-out.”  I kind of thought that phrase was a little over-hyped until MJD and I took Artie for a walk this morning. There was a moment when I could barely see them in front of me.

It also seems like no one is out today – during the last storm there were so many people out having fun – the streets around me are totally desolate right now (or they were an hour ago). Have you ventured out?

We will have to go out again at some point for the puppy, and to get food for dinner! But I am content to stay inside for now.

In the meantime I can’t stop watching these great videos from the storms. You can find a great time lapse of the last storm on We Love DC.

And I love this video of people having fun in the snow on DCist. It really did cheer me up. Plus the soundtrack is MJD’s favorite Vampire Weekend song, so I had to repost! I hope DC gets out there again today and has some fun. I hear there is another snowball fight planned (I kind of want the t-shirt!). Are you guys in NYC having fun?

Things I have done in DC

9 Feb

After writing yesterday’s list, I started thinking that I have also done a lot of things that I would love to do again or more often. When I first moved to DC I really felt like the city had no life or soul. Compared to NY it seemed so boring. But during the last few years, I have tried really hard to get to know the city. And now I have favorites: neighborhood restaurants, fancy restaurants, day trips, weekend outtings, blogs, cultural activities…So here are some of the things I am glad we did, and hope to keep doing!

1. Explore VA wine country

2. Stay at a B&B in Virginia wine country

3. See a show at the 9:30 club

4. Take advantage of the local wine bars

5. Start a blog (I think this counts since I write about DC!)

6. Eat at Eden Center for great Vietnamese

7. Go to the National Gallery

8. Take the puppy to Quiet Waters

9. See more than one show at the Kennedy Center

10. Eat at more local restaurants

11. Check out more monuments

12. Run a 5K

13. Shop at Eastern Market

14. Go to Nationals games

15. Learn about the restaurant scene

16. Follow local blogs

17. Explore Old Town

18. Find a hair stylist

19. See indie movies at E Street (we were doing that a lot about a year ago – got to pick that up again!)

20. Locate a bunch of places to get a good mani/pedi, massage, etc…

I kinda like parts of this city!

Things I want to do in DC

8 Feb

I was reading this month’s Washingtonian last night, and got so frustrated by the Great Dates article. There are so many things I talk about doing, that I still have never come close to following through on. Obviously this is a general life problem, like how I still haven’t taken cooking or photography classes, or found a workout I can stick with!

But after reading the article, I realized a DC activities list is something I might actually be able to get through.

So here’s my list of things I want to do in DC (in no particular order):

1. See a play at the Folger Theater

2. Get tickets for the Shakespeare Theater Company downtown

3. Eat ar Restaurant Eve

4. Ice skate at the National Gallery Ice Rink

5. Listen to a reading at Politics & Prose

6. Hike through the Arboretum (we have driven through it)

7. Visit the Botanical Gardens

8. Get tix to the Birchmere

9. Ditto the Strathmore

10. Hike and picnic in Rock Creek Park

11. See art and sip wine during an evening of First Fridays in Dupont

12. Get drinks after hours at the Phillips

13. Hear Poetry at Busboys & Poets

14. Go back to Komi and Volt (that counts as one since I have eaten at both!)

15. See an Irish play at the Keegan Theater

16. Get involved with a local charity and event, preferably the DC Central Kitchen Capitol Food Fight.

I probably can’t do these in one year — since a few of them cost quite a bit of money – but maybe all the free ones, and a few pricey ones by the end of the year?!

I am just going to keep adding to this as things come to me – that way I can always look back and remember when I have a free day!

Puppy playing in the snow

7 Feb

The hops throughout this video make me laugh every time! Hopefully this acts as a “pick-me-up” for you too at work on Monday!