What’s your fave treat?

22 Jan

Last weekend, MJD and I flew to California to visit friends and get to know their beautiful little daughter a little better. They live in Sacramento, and as usual, we ate our way through the city and came bake stuffed and in need of detox! But we had a great time doing it. Sacramento (or SAC Town as it is called…no comment) was really cute. We had a fabulous brunch at Bistro 33 – get the donuts – and ordered in delicious Chinese food (as you know DC does not offer good Chinese food).

We also visited Davis, and did a little shopping. It rained most of the weekend, but when the sun came out, it was nice to be on the West Coast!

The highlight though was definitely the Smores! On our last night, we took advantage of our friends’ big house and fireplace and made smores, while sipping some local wine! Why are smores still so appealing? MJD says he doesn’t get it, but I just find them so fun and wonderful. I loved sitting by the fire roasting the marshmallows and putting the whole smore together! I think I’m just still a kid at heart. Thirty or not, I love smores!

What’s your favorite sweet treat?!


One Response to “What’s your fave treat?”

  1. EP February 10, 2010 at 8:23 pm #

    Remember when we always used to make smores at home? That was so fun! I could eat smores every single day. they are beyond delicious.

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