14 Dec

As promised, here is the finale of my birthday weekend extravaganza.

A surprise trip to Volt with MJD and my parents! MJD made the reservation almost six weeks ago – is that not the best birthday present, ever!! According to what I’ve read, the place is booked solid now.

I was so surprised when we arrived – MJD had spent the whole weekend and ride confusing me, so that I had no idea what state we were in by the time we arrived! I was so thrilled – Bryan is definitely my preferred Voltaggio brother (check out this interview), and I LOVE Top Chef.

Volt is located about an hour outside of DC in Frederick, MD – such a great little town. I really want to go back one day and walk around and look in the stores!

Frederick, MD

The restaurant itself is in a renovated old mansion- beautiful. There is a bar, where we sampled some pre-dinner cocktails, a main dining room, and an open kitchen dining room.

The restaurant will also feature an open kitchen dining room for 16 guests allowing patrons to watch the chefs at work. “I love to interact with my guests and am excited that I will finally have a kitchen that will really allow me to do so,” says Voltaggio. “It’s entertaining for patrons to see and interact with the kitchen. It results in a greater appreciation for our craft.”

Since it was my 30th birthday and my husband and parents apparently like me a lot, we got to sit in the open kitchen dining room (Yikes) and eat the tasting menu with the wine pairing!!! This is the sample menu that’s posted online. Talk about extragavant!

Cosmo at the bar

we were right next to the kitchen!

The six courses end up feeling like eight or nine with the extras that come out from the kitchen. We started with an amuse bouche of macarons, including the guacamole and beet ones Bryan talks about here. My favorite was a lettuce flavored macaron with ceasar dressing in it – no joke biting into it was like eating a delicious ceasar salad! Then we had a sunchoke soup — unbelievable.

For the second course, my mom and I got the duck liver, I liked it so much more than I thought I would. It was bizarre, had kind of a gelaton quality, but fabulous. (MJD and dad skipped that for some yummy ravioli!)

I forget the order, but the next two courses were pork belly and monk fish. Melt in your mouth!!! Just a reminder, we had different 2 ounce glasses of wine for every course!

The last entree was the steak…so well seasoned, salty, but not overpowering…mmmm

so pretty

Lastly, we had the dessert course (chocolate peanut butter fudge with cilantro ice cream), and a dessert with a candle for me (no idea what it was, but it tasted like a pile of delicious frosting), AND a final farewell of bitesize ice cream sandwiches.

I love Volt.

Thank you all for taking me there!! Thank you for an amazing birthday weekend!


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