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Happy New Year’s Eve Peeps

31 Dec

Hope you make some fabulous resolutions that you have an even more fabulous time breaking in the new year!

I’m off to a fancy dinner and too much champagne. Cheers!

Happy Artie New Year

The cards that keeps on giving

28 Dec

I love this idea posted on Let’s Have a Cocktail! Instead of throwing out your holiday cards, donate them to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. She says,

This is an organization for neglected, abandoned and abused children. The children earn money by removing the front of donated cards to make new cards sold in packets of ten.

It makes sending and receiving holiday cards even more wonderful. The joy just keeps getting passed on. I am definitely donating my cards this year and making it a holiday tradition.

You can find more information online, and it looks like you can get a jump start on next year’s shopping and buy some cards as well!

h/t to the lil bee for posting the link!

Merry Christmas

24 Dec

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

I better get a lot of treats for this

Christmas Baking for a Non-Baker

23 Dec

Every holiday my sister and my mom bake. They each bake their own dessert, they bake together, they help finish each others baking projects. I do not bake.

I tend to sit in the kitchen and talk to them, occasionally stirring or watching the timer if one of them has to run to the phone. It works for all involved (as least it works for me!)

But this year I pledged to contribute something to the holiday dessert spread. The thing is, I know I won’t change my pattern at home. There is something about going home that makes me (all of us?) digress. I am sure that the moment I arrive home, I will laugh at my baking intentions and pour some wine!

So, my plan is to bake tonight on my own – living up to my pledge, but not messing with tradition.

I’m going to attempt the basic sugar cookie – but using a recipe I got from my neighbor at her holiday party last weekend. Apparently, the key is brown sugar and a sugar glaze. I don’t have pictures, but her cookies looked something like this:


These look delicious as well! Alright, wish me luck tonight. Happy Baking!

A Blizzard Temptation (Scrooge Warning)

22 Dec

My husband and Artie decided this morning that things have gone too far. More than two days after the snow stopped falling, the side streets are still a mess and sidewalks still haven’t been shovelled. I have nothing to say about the side streets (can you really call S and T streets in Dupont “side streets” anyway) other than, DC sometimes rots.

As for sidewalks, that’s harder to take. I mean you buy a house and have what, four or five feet to shovel out front? It seems like an annoying but manageable task. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners seem to disagree, as I almost fell on my face numerous times on my walk home from Safeway last night.

So, back to MJD and Artie. They declared this morning, that if you haven’t cleaned your sidewalk, dog owners should not have to pick up dog poop outside your house.

Fair deal, right?! Check out the streets in your neighborhood. I don’t think that’s a scrooge move. It’s a holiday gift in return!

A little snow induced stress

20 Dec

NO, I am not going to be a scrooge and say that I hate snow and slush, and the city is doing a bad job. I have to remain positive to counter MJD’s dislike of all things snow! Check out these snow people for an extra dose of laughter and positivity if you need it.

But I will say I have a bit of house bound stress – as in I have a lot of Christmas shopping to do, and no way to do it. Yikes! What are you guys doing? I hate the thought of having to pay for overnight shipping!

I wish I had more Christmas-related activities to do, but I already sent Christmas cards, and put out my few decorations.

BTW, if you send Christmas cards, please send me one! I love getting them and promise to send one back!

Ok, back to staring out the window and wondering if I am brave enough to drive or walk to the mall (or Georgetown).

In case you missed it

20 Dec

Here are a few shots for the family and friends in NY! See, I wasn’t exaggerating!

Here are some better ones!

Snow Day in DC!

20 Dec

It’s not a news flash that it’s been snowing in DC. I get that! But I could not pass out in my holiday party, excessive cookie eating stupor without posting a few pictures of Artie for all who love him. As always, he loves the snow and just wants to hop in it and dig through it (with his head!).

He didn’t love our walk to Safeway, since as usual the lines were ridiculous and he and MJD froze while I waited (and gave up), but other than a few fur and paw icicles, he is loving it!

Artie waiting to go out

Finally out!

Digging with his face

Time to go crazy!

Success! Got the snow!

Bus Behavior

17 Dec

I know you’ve all heard me complain about the DC bus – the long wait, buses skipping stops, and mostly buses clustered together so you have to wait forever if you miss the three that stop at the same time!

But I realized today, there is something I like once I am on the bus. 


It’s the one example I can think of that people in DC start yelling.

Generally, I find DC residents to be pretty easy going. They don’t push people into the middle of the bus or metro in order to get on, no one yells at people standing on the wrong side of the escalator, there’s not much jostling and weaving on a crowded street, and I rarely see anyone steal a cab from someone else.

But when I was sitting on the bus today, and all of a sudden I heard that jarring scream, “BACK DOOR,” it felt like home!

Jackson Heights and DC Come together

17 Dec

J. Heights is making a name in DC! My two homes…connecting!

I just spotted on We Love DC that the 2010 Festival Artwork for the National Cherry Blossom Festival has been selected. The picture was created by Junko Yamada of Jackson Heights, NY.

Go Jackson Heights!

Go Jackson Heights!