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The Lovebirds

19 Nov

I was uploading some old pictures last night and I found this from the last time we were dogsitting Artie’s girlfriend, mattie. How cute are they?

The lovebirds


Turmoil Continues

18 Nov

I am just really not adventurous. I have looked at so many lights for the dining room, and I can’t find anything. I looked at this awesome post on design sponge, searched Decor 8, and drooled over decorology, but I am at a loss.

I love the adventurous ones like this, but I am too scared for that:

Way too bold

Something classic is great, but our apartment has a pretty relaxed style:

But too fancy?

Or more casual:

will this get dirty?

the original idea:

too dark?

Of course the Restoration Hardware pieces are also $$$$ mad pricey. Anyway, just letting you know the turmoil continues…let me know your thoughts.


17 Nov

Ok, feedback on yesterday’s post has not been very positive! So, can anyone suggest additional places to look for lights to hang over the dining room table? I want something simple, not too formal, and not too modern. Our furniture in not modern.

Any ideas?! Suggestions!?

Cute or Ugly?

16 Nov

Do you like this to hang over our long antique dining room table. I wanted something with two lights (like this but simpler and darker), but now I am drawn to this one.

From Pottery Barn

 Here’s a poor quality picture of the dining room. We’ve moved some things around but it’s generally the same layout.

Dining room


13 Nov


This is how I started my day (except the glazed donut was from Dunkin). I pledge today will be a better day. I will fight my cold, not get stressed, beat this three day headache, and have fun with my sister. That’s right, she’s visiting, so no time for bad mood or illness. Donut=good mood. Starting now!


Comfort Food

3 Nov

I have to say world that I do not feel well. I am very busy, have a sore throat, and am pretty sure I am going to get hit with a huge head cold. That being said, all I want right now is a warm and delicious meal, like this squash on Internet Food Association. Kay says this acorn squash was roasted with maple syrup, dried cherries, and dried cranberries. I made a similar white squash last week with butter and brown sugar. I need some comfort food!


by Flickr user stephykay