Idea for a rainy weekend

16 Oct

I made some kickin’ Cincinnati Chili this week for MJD’s birthday. There. I said it!

I got some of the toppings wrong – definitely needed more cheese – but it was a fun and delicious birthday surprise!

It was made even more of a perfect surprise becasue only a few days earlier during our trip to Cincinnati, we didn’t have time to get to Skyline. Obviously that was sad, because the original is soooo much better, but it made me even happier that I had planned to make it for his birthday. Next time, I may add the hot dogs!

If you’re looking for a fun chili to have on Sunday while you watch the game…this is the one! I bought the seasoning packet at Whole Foods, and it was so easy. But you could also follow a recipe – they are everywhere.

I even looked past my new disgust at ground beef in order to make this special dinner! Here’s picture (not of the one I made, which did not have anywhere near this much cheese!)

So bad...but surprisingly good!

So bad...but surprisingly good!


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