At least it’s Tuesday

13 Oct

Wow, last week was rough, the weekend was so busy, and this week is already high stress. And it’s not even noon. All I can say is, AT LEAST IT’S TUESDAY (as in NOT Monday!).

I am giving myself today to be annoyed, but then tomorrow is MJD’s 30th! And we are going for a fancy dinner on Thursday. And my parents are coming for a visit this weekend. That’s a pretty wonderful week, so I need to increase the coffee in take and find myself a good mood. Maybe the gym will help. We have to force ourselves to go tonight!

Ok, on to nicer topics, I am uploading pictures from our anniversary day trip to Virginia wine country a few weeks ago. For those of you who have never been, it’s worth the trip. I can’t speak to the caliber of wine, but the country side is beautiful, and it’s such an easy and relaxing day away. You feel like you’ve gone more than an hour away for sure. Pics coming shortly!

Did I mention we were in Cincinnati on Sunday? GO Bengals! And man I love that Graeter’s ice cream!



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