Trials of a 16th Street Bus Rider

7 Oct

Dear 16th Street Bus Drivers,

Please stop and pick me up. It is very frustrating to be standing in the cold (rain is worse) waiting for a bus, and face your nonchalant stare as you slam the door in my face. Your bus is rarely “too full” to take more customers, you are just not telling people to move back.

Let’s join together and maybe have your route changed. Why can’t buses on your route start at different stops, so they are not all full when they get to me, and the many, many nice people you speed past at my bus stop?

I can turn a blind eye to one bus passing me by, but four, five, six buses seems downright nasty. Don’t you agree?

Also, if you could please tell you friends in the DC government to add more lights on 16th Street, that might help on the evening commute. It’s getting dark early, and we don’t want waiting for you  to become dangerous, in addition to frustrating.

Thank you for listening. I do my best to be polite even when annoyed. But please let’s find a better way. Fifteen minutes and four full buses in a row is a little out of control.


16th Street Bus Rider


2 Responses to “Trials of a 16th Street Bus Rider”

  1. Mansionmogul October 7, 2009 at 9:49 am #

    That is super annoying. I really think my bus route needs an express, which might help. Oooh…also it’s so annoying when you wait forever and then there’s two buses one after another! Sigh, the bus.


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    […] to repost this look at DC bus riders from The 42. I have a long history of aggression directed at DC buses, and laughed out loud reading this one. Here are my favorites but you have to click over for the […]

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