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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

I have to get a picture of Artie today, but first I had to share this adorable car freshner!!! I mean I have no idea how Amanda found this costume, but is is so adorable!

I love little babies dressed up as pumpkins and pigs, but the car freshner has to be my winner so far this year. Hahaha

car freshner

Mattie the Car Freshner


So sweet

28 Oct

How much do you love this idea?  1001 Rules for my Unborn Son. I read about on A Cup of Jo.

This new dad comes up with rules for his son, like:

*Don’t jog shirtless.

*Framing a poster does not make it valuable.

*Always keep a good joke handy.

*Offer to carry a woman’s bags, especially your mother’s.

The book just came out, and I think it’s must buy if you have a friend having a boy. It’s such a sweet idea, and while 1001 seems daunting, I’m definitely going to keep the idea up my sleeve for a later day!

Oh, and even better. He lives in DC. Here’s an interview!

In my neighborhood

28 Oct

Last night, MJD, Artie and I missed the annual 17th Street High Heel Race.

I love going to the race. Everyone in the neighborhood comes out, and has such a good time. Artie loves to have everyone pet him! But I just couldn’t do it in the rain.

I really wanted to take Artie with his new Nationals bandana Halloween costume, but the warm, dry house was too enticing. We did see tons of people walking home when we took Artie on his final walk for the night, so at least we got to pretend!

And now we have all these great pictures to dig through today!

Here’s Artie last year making new friends!

artie 17 street


27 Oct

Is anyone else having a hard time getting used to the dark mornings? Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying fall, watching the leaves change, and wearing my sweaters! And I am even dealing with the dark nights (although dark at 6pm has all but killed my gym routine), but I cannot get used to the fact that it is still dark at 7:30am.

When is this time change? And when will the sun come up after the change happens? I am so bad at understanding how the time change thing works. I just know that I need sun in the morning!!!!!

I won’t go so far as to say I miss summer (secretly I do), but I do miss the sun.


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On a fall night

26 Oct

So many people seem to be blogging today about soup recipes. With colds and flus going around, I think it’s a great idea. Especially if I could find one that is easy to make on a work night.


Vegetable and Tofu Cocunut soup. I bet I could figure out a way to use chicken as well (don’t fret hubbie).

Thanks to Mango & Tomato for the recipe and inspiration. A little soup, some white wine, and those godiva chocolates we got as a gift this weekend. Perfect!

Not sleeping through the night

23 Oct

You might think based on the subject of ths email that MJD and I are babysitting for the weekend, or have babies you weren’t aware of, but in fact, I am about to share sleeping issues we are having with our adorable dog, Artie!

Artie has always been a good sleeper, and loves being in his crate. And we’ve developed a really nice routine over the last year. Usually, Artie sleeps on the bed while we’re watching tv, and once we turn the tv off, he jumps down and puts himself in the crate. At about 5am or 6am, he comes back to the bed and cries a little until we let him back up. The morning bit sounds annoying, but it’s always kind of cute that he wants to get back up for an hour or two, and he’s all cuddly.

BUT, during the last few months, he’s regressed! He is not as independent as he has been. He is always pawing at us to pet him while we watch tv, and following us from room to room. And at night he only wants to sleep on our bed. But he takes up half the bed!!

He thinks the bed is his!

He thinks the bed is his!

So, two nights ago, we decided to put some rules back in place and put him in the crate at bed time. He slept, but every few hours he cried. It was so sad. Last night, we bought him a little bed to put near our bed, and he kept standing on it (on his hindlegs), putting his front paws up on our bed and crying. How sad is that?! MJD was so good and kept making him lay back down on his bed, but at about 5am I couldn’t take it and I let him back on the bed.

Has your dog ever regressed like this?

Could you say no to this face?

Could you say no to this face?

Reading is fun

21 Oct

I love this post on the lil bee today. It’s a guest post from Ciao, Chessa about the books she loved as a child. As an avid reader, I loved going through her list and remembering the joy of reading all these books. Especially, the Secret Garden

I don’t know how many times I read the Secret Garden, and watched the movie. I think we even went to a play. I think books are the nicest gift to give a new mom – don’t new books just speak to all the cuddly, happy times yet to come!

I also have such nice family memories of reading – Dad reading to us at night, and sitting with my sister in the living room pretending to read school books, but really devouring the Baby-sitter’s Club! I think my mom bought be every book about Helen Keller one summer!

I still love to read, and am always looking to join/start a book club. It’s too easy to go for weeks without reading – getting caught up in television and work. A book club (even one that never talks about the book – aka mine) at least gets me reading consistently.

Now I can’t wait to start my next book!

Idea for a rainy weekend

16 Oct

I made some kickin’ Cincinnati Chili this week for MJD’s birthday. There. I said it!

I got some of the toppings wrong – definitely needed more cheese – but it was a fun and delicious birthday surprise!

It was made even more of a perfect surprise becasue only a few days earlier during our trip to Cincinnati, we didn’t have time to get to Skyline. Obviously that was sad, because the original is soooo much better, but it made me even happier that I had planned to make it for his birthday. Next time, I may add the hot dogs!

If you’re looking for a fun chili to have on Sunday while you watch the game…this is the one! I bought the seasoning packet at Whole Foods, and it was so easy. But you could also follow a recipe – they are everywhere.

I even looked past my new disgust at ground beef in order to make this special dinner! Here’s picture (not of the one I made, which did not have anywhere near this much cheese!)

So bad...but surprisingly good!

So bad...but surprisingly good!


15 Oct

One more picture from our trip to Virginia. Check out this vibrant pink?! Is this a plant? A flower?

I love the color.

Also, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This pink is a wonderful reminder. 

Vibrant Pink Flowers

Vibrant Pink

Happy Birthday

14 Oct

Happy Birthday to my hubbie! We met six years ago yesterday (thanks for the reminder!), and I remember it clearly. You, me, and the Rock.  

You are now officially an older man, and I’d like you to stay that way for more than two months. How about I turn 29 again this year?

I hope you enjoy your day – Artie and I will do our best to make it fun and relaxing.

Happy Birthday - Do you want to play chase?

Happy Birthday - Do you want to play chase?

Do you want my treat for your birthday?

Do you want my treat for your birthday?