Connection to this City

25 Sep

The big race is fast approaching and I am feeling pretty nervous. I often have ideas and goals like running a 5K, but rarely actually do them. This seems like it’s going to happen! I registered. My hubbie and parents donated to the cause. My friends are totally in.

I haven’t been able to run during the last week because of my wisdom tooth surgery, but I finally did 1.5 miles last night. I felt ok, so I think I’m going to survive 3 miles. Wish me luck!!!

I’m also excited because the race is in DC, in an area I don’t usually spend time in, and makes me feel a little more like I really live in this city. I am looking forward to running through “my” city and seeing it in a different way.

That’s one of my next goals – to do things in the city more often. More than just going to dinner in the neighborhood – I want to feel a closer tie to the whole city. So, I’m going to try to meet friends for drinks in different neighborhoods and take advantage of all the events.

For instance, this weekend is the National Book Festival. Maybe next weekend we’ll go to the pumpkin festival in Germantown. And Crafty Bastards with Mollytics in Adams Morgan!

I don’t know, do you ever just feel like you still haven’t figured this city out? Somedays I really like my neighborhood and the dog park (!), and other days it feels like a foreign place I am not connected to yet.

I am going to change that!


3 Responses to “Connection to this City”

  1. Mansionmogul September 25, 2009 at 1:27 pm #

    I totally get the connected/disconnected vibe. There are moments where I’m truly like, “Yeah, I LIVE here” and others where I don’t get it.

    Pumpkin Patch is one of my goals too – I have to experience an East Coast Fall through and through!

    Also I went to Crafty Bastards last year and it was full of great stuff. Totally recommend it!

  2. klegeyt September 25, 2009 at 4:16 pm #

    It’s just the New Yorker in us. Somehow New York will always feel like home and DC will always be the place we live. I really like though that you are setting goals to become more connected!

  3. KPD September 25, 2009 at 4:36 pm #

    I wonder if other cities are easier to fall into? Or if it is just a new place, or coming from NY? I’m going to try though! We’ll all share fun things we find about the city to make it easier!

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