Your Tooth Update

21 Sep

Ladies and Gents,

All three wisdom teeth are out. Soreness and swollen face are in. But I have made it this far without a meltdown.

The surgery was not pleasant. I got the laughing gas and nearly freaked out when I started breathing it in.


Why don’t you let patients who are clearly wimps and scared of IV sedation know that laughing gas will make them feel faint? And maybe let them know when you turned the gas on?!

So, after ripping the mask off my face, and finally being told that a. the gas was on, b. it’s supposed to make you feel faint – just go with it, and c. if it gets to be too much breathe oxygen through your mouth, I was ok. The surgery was uncomfortable and there was some drilling, but I made it through without another freak out. The rest of Thursday is a blur, but Friday I watched some quality Oprah and Whitney with mom, and bugged MJD at work.

Oh and that night they decided to torture me by driving to Two Amy’s for takeout, but while sitting in the car I spotted a new cupcake place to try. The Rockstar Diaries writes about Something Sweet here – cutest name for a bakery!!! Good find – have to try once I can chew.

Since Friday, I’ve been relying on Advil and hot compresses, but I’m ok. Just sore and a little crabby (hungry).

Thanks to all who checked in on me!!


One Response to “Your Tooth Update”

  1. mom P. September 21, 2009 at 9:48 pm #

    You were indeed a trooper. Loved mothering you and sharing tasks with MJD.

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