We’re still online!

8 Sep

Hello internet. How are you?

I’ve been very busy with personal committments, work, and doing nothing. I’m sorry for being gone so long.

I was out of pocket for a few days last week for my grandmother’s funeral. I will post more about her fabulous life another time – it’s too soon to do right now. But I have plenty of stories and pictures to consider.

Over the weekend, I laid low, chilled with my boys (hubbie and puppy), and took in a Nats game. I also made a lot of progress on the fourth Harry Potter, and am doing my best not to finish it. I can’t believe I’m more than halfway through the series already. 

Oh we also took a lot of trips to the new dog park! I made sure to check for pictures of Lupe and Mattie while we were away! We’ll get some good shots of Artie to post soon!  

Just wanted to check in.

Countdown to Friday has officially begun!


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