Procrastination for a very slow Tuesday

8 Sep

If you are in desperate need for something to help you procrastinate today, check out Millie’s blog. MJD just sent me the link, and it’s perfect for the afternoon after a holiday weekend!

This blog chronicles the adventures of Millie, the goldendoodle. So cute! Here she is turning one…reminds of Artie’s birthday only a few weeks ago.

It’s so funny how doodles all seem to have such similar, wonderful personalities. Artie gets so excited when he sees people he can’t help but jump all over them (nice for some, annoying for others!). We’ve tried to break the habit, but it’s sticking with him.

Here Millie is described with the same trait:

And as she gets that little bit older maybe the “dog people blindness” might stop!!!

As in – “Oh dog / people ” Millie charges over to say Hi!!!

Happy birthday Millie! I can’t wait to make more doodle connections in our new dog park!


One Response to “Procrastination for a very slow Tuesday”

  1. Lusty Reader September 9, 2009 at 2:58 pm #

    oh millie’s blog is so cute, espcially with all the British phrases! thanks for sharing!

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