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Beer. Food. A Visit from Mom and Dad

30 Sep

I need some help picking a restaurant for late October when my parents visit. I already decided that one night we’ll try Palena because I hear people talk about it all the time and have yet to try it. But the second night, I’d prefer something a little more low-key and with a great beer selection.

We usually always go to either Belga Cafe or Brasserie Beck for the beers and delicious food, but I’d love to try something different. We could always do Capital City for pre-dinner drinks, and a non-beer focused restaurant for dinner, but if any one has suggestions on a place that has both, please let me know!

It doesn’t really matter what area of the city, as long as the spot has good food and a lot of good beer!

Here’s a picture from their last visit. We are so fun and need another great new place to try!



It’s Fall

29 Sep

I want to be in this pumpkin picture today. Isn’t there just something about the start of each season that makes you want to bound out of the house or work and do something festive! I was not happy about the cooler weather a few weeks ago, but now that it’s almost October I am ok with it.

And now, I would like to be at a Pumpkin festival, picking apples and carving pumpkins. In a turtleneck sweather with jeans and my new grey boots. Thank you.

Fall is good

Fall is good

photo courtesy of markjstephenson, posted on dcist.

Conversation about a new career

28 Sep

This is the g-chat conversation I just had with MJD. Men are so practical, even in a fantasy world:

me:  having a real job is hard
          lets start a business with artie
          like lemonade at the dog park

MJD:  yes
          but lets set it up away from the trash can that smells like poo

So smart. And if you ever go to the S Street dog park you know that one entrance to the park smells so much worse than the other!


26 Sep

We ran the whole 3.1 miles and felt great! It might not be that long, but it felt like such an accomplishment!

We followed through, ran with great people, and raised some money to fight cancer. I feel great!

Thanks for all the support;-) And thanks to Amanda and Genna for running with me. I can’t wait to start our weekend catch up/jogs!



A Day in Pictures

25 Sep

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’d love to take a photography class. We have a fabulous new camera (thx mom and dad!), but don’t really know how to use it. I heard about pretty affordable classes at USDA (random), but they are pretty early and during the week. I just don’t think they will work for me.

Today, I saw this great set of posts on the NYT’s The Local Blog that makes me want to find a class even more. They are posting only pictures from one area in Brooklyn all day, calling it Picture Day.  I love it. Scrolling through the shots, taken by the bloggers and submitted by readers, gives such an intense and unique look at the community.

I wonder if I could do something like this in DC. A neighborhood in pictures?


Connection to this City

25 Sep

The big race is fast approaching and I am feeling pretty nervous. I often have ideas and goals like running a 5K, but rarely actually do them. This seems like it’s going to happen! I registered. My hubbie and parents donated to the cause. My friends are totally in.

I haven’t been able to run during the last week because of my wisdom tooth surgery, but I finally did 1.5 miles last night. I felt ok, so I think I’m going to survive 3 miles. Wish me luck!!!

I’m also excited because the race is in DC, in an area I don’t usually spend time in, and makes me feel a little more like I really live in this city. I am looking forward to running through “my” city and seeing it in a different way.

That’s one of my next goals – to do things in the city more often. More than just going to dinner in the neighborhood – I want to feel a closer tie to the whole city. So, I’m going to try to meet friends for drinks in different neighborhoods and take advantage of all the events.

For instance, this weekend is the National Book Festival. Maybe next weekend we’ll go to the pumpkin festival in Germantown. And Crafty Bastards with Mollytics in Adams Morgan!

I don’t know, do you ever just feel like you still haven’t figured this city out? Somedays I really like my neighborhood and the dog park (!), and other days it feels like a foreign place I am not connected to yet.

I am going to change that!

The funniest cake!

24 Sep

I wanted to post this picture from the lil bee’s amazing baby shower. I mean a diaper cake! How funny and cute is that idea?!

But I can’t get the picture to open on my computer for some reason. So you have to click and see. You must.

Also for the cupcake bar, which one day I will have at a party!!


Turning Thirty

22 Sep

Yes, I am still panicked. I am sorry. I am trying to be zen about it. But I’m not.

MJD’s turning thirty next month – exactly two months before me and I’m stressing for him.

BUT I just decided what would be a perfect birthday party (for me!)… (drumroll please)

A Cupcake Crawl! I just read about one on We Love DC and it sounds fabulous!

Would any of you join me?! Of course I’d have to start at Baked & Wired. My favorite.



21 Sep

MJD and I have what might be a unique problem. We have more art (wedding pictures, family pictures, posters, traditional “art”) than we have wall space. And we pretty regularly buy more, so basically our office/guestroom has become storage for frames and poster tubes.

And now I want this! I know I can’t buy it, so the next best thing is to share it!

West Forty-third Street (Yellow Cabs) by Joseph O. Holmes

West Forty-third Street (Yellow Cabs) by Joseph O. Holmes

Your Tooth Update

21 Sep

Ladies and Gents,

All three wisdom teeth are out. Soreness and swollen face are in. But I have made it this far without a meltdown.

The surgery was not pleasant. I got the laughing gas and nearly freaked out when I started breathing it in.


Why don’t you let patients who are clearly wimps and scared of IV sedation know that laughing gas will make them feel faint? And maybe let them know when you turned the gas on?!

So, after ripping the mask off my face, and finally being told that a. the gas was on, b. it’s supposed to make you feel faint – just go with it, and c. if it gets to be too much breathe oxygen through your mouth, I was ok. The surgery was uncomfortable and there was some drilling, but I made it through without another freak out. The rest of Thursday is a blur, but Friday I watched some quality Oprah and Whitney with mom, and bugged MJD at work.

Oh and that night they decided to torture me by driving to Two Amy’s for takeout, but while sitting in the car I spotted a new cupcake place to try. The Rockstar Diaries writes about Something Sweet here – cutest name for a bakery!!! Good find – have to try once I can chew.

Since Friday, I’ve been relying on Advil and hot compresses, but I’m ok. Just sore and a little crabby (hungry).

Thanks to all who checked in on me!!