Why is stationary so fun?

18 Aug

I love announcements and invitations. I loved making my wedding invitations, and making bridal shower invites for friends. I love getting invitations (my mom and sister picked the sweetest invitation for our enangement party). And now I love getting baby annoucements.

So, I thought it would be nice to compile a few cute ideas.

I think my favorite is this one posted by Oh So Beautiful Paper:


Spotted: Generation of Gossip Girl fans buying this letterpress card on Etsy!


And I don’t know why this one stands out to me so much, but the little airplane is so cute. Also on Etsy.


Lastly, I love this Howdy announcement, designed by the woman who made our wedding invitations! But I can’t seem to grab a picture — so go check it out! You have to click baby, look at collection, and it’s the third one!


One Response to “Why is stationary so fun?”

  1. Kalyn Denno August 27, 2009 at 9:53 am #

    Super cute announcements, especially the kangaroo! You and your hubby were a blast to work with!!

    Kalyn Denno
    Lilah Paper

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