Had to Share

14 Aug

This blog, Unsuck DC Metro, is a riot. The tweet posts crack me up.

I’m glad there’s someone keeping an eye on the Metro.

This post is great – they ask readers to send tweets about annoying metro riders:

Seeing somebody lick their finger to turn the page of their paper and place it back on on the metro pole & repeat makes my stomach turn.

Mine would be escalator etiquette. I’ve said before, but I’ll say it again, tourists should not be allowed on the metro during rush hour. Today, I was getting off the metro at approx 8:50am and a family stood in front of me on the escalator. The mom and two sons stood correctly on the right, while the dad stood on the left. Two (not one, two) times, young men dressed for work stopped behind the father and said excuse me, pointing to the right and expecting the man to politely step to the right. Both times the man looked at the guys rushing to work laughed in a demeaning nasty way, and said “yes?” pointing himself to the small bit of room to his right where the guys could squeeze past and continue walking up the stairs.

I was enraged! The two guys just rolled their eyes and walked around him, while the guy laughed and expressed irritation to his wife that those guys asked him to move. I can’t tell you how much it took not to tell the guy that he was the one in the wrong (in much stronger words than that!). I mean is that really the type of behavior he hopes his sons will emulate?

I’m getting worked up again just thinking about it.





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